Poughkeepsie Journalist joins the Soul Patrol.

Sean T. McMann, an established sports reporter for the Poughkeepsie Journal, has recently joined the Soul Patrol and has taken to writing about his thoughts and experiences regarding Taylor Hicks in his blog, Sean’s Space.

Not only are there posts on his opinions about Taylor, but he also was able to get an interview with him, which can be found here.

If you are a Taylor Hicks fan (which let’s face it, you probably are if you are on a blog titled Taylor Is The Boogie), or even just a fan of good writing, I highly suggest clicking over to Sean’s Space and checking out what he has to offer.


11 Responses to Poughkeepsie Journalist joins the Soul Patrol.

  1. Mandy says:

    Sean just gave THIS message board a shout out on his blog!


    that was nice of him

  2. mouser says:

    So obvious that Sean “digs” Taylor’s act….Makes his blog a pleasure to read. His enthusiasm is apparent in every sentence. Write on Sean !!!!

  3. AmyMc says:

    Good grief, Chicken & Waffles, you ask too many questions. Bwaa ha aha haahaaa!!!! Love ya, girl!

  4. It’s gracious, sir, that you should entertain the earnest questions of fans. However, as a journalist, I was disappointed you did not throw a few hard balls yourself.

    There are many pressing questions we’d like to know. You had the attention of the artist and here is where you should have pressed your suit: Should you pursue an acoustic opus with your next album, what will be its distinguishing hallmarks? Do you traditionally improvise in the studio? What aspects of Morrison do you appreciate and incorporate into your work? Explain the influence of the cowbell. Explain the influence of the Cowsills. Paper or plastic? Will technology replicate the artistry of musicians? How will the traditional genres of pop, soul and gospel be altered in the next 20 years? What unique values distinguish an enduring artist in an era of pop throwaway? How will online media change the way an artists records and delivers music?

    And might I add that Poughkeepsie is a lovely city?

  5. juliegr says:

    Thanks for the great followup comments, Sean.

    I also liked Bo Bice == then I saw Taylor Hicks and that was all it took. There’s room enough for more GOOD artists in today’s music world!!!

  6. sandy says:

    we love taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. sandy says:

    hi sean – thanks for your great writing about Taylor – he’s the best. We saw him Sunday night in tom’s river, nj. As usual he out did himself. The band is the greatest and they all have so much fun. We can’t get enough of Taylor. Everybody’s got a great story about the boy, but mine is the best – behind the bus is just never enough. The world is a better place for entertainers like him. He always makes everyone feel so wanted and needed as fans. I hope he will perform in New Jersey more and more. We really love him. Thanks again for filling us in on the best SOUL THING that has hit this earth!!!!!!!

  8. JAG says:

    Welcome Sean,I went and spent some time reading everything on your blog and it’s fantastic.Many interesting thoughts and comments ! One can never get too much Taylor !!

  9. dnjmorton says:

    Hi Sean! Glad to have you join us. I love your writing and have enjoyed reading all of your Taylor articles.

  10. madaboutu says:

    One blogger at time, on fan at a time, on review at a time etc etc! Sean’s blog is great, and he obviously knows good music! I really have enjoyed reading him. Welcome Sean!

  11. cali50 says:

    Been reading Sean’s blog for about 2 weeks and love it! Welcome to the Boogie, Sean!

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