Sometimes they rock it a little sweeter.

The Heartless Bastards’ music video for “All This Time”, off of the trio’s sophmore album of the same name.


9 Responses to Sometimes they rock it a little sweeter.

  1. maryann267 says:

    sounds good to me now, what do I have to do to get back on the board?

  2. boogie says:


    I think the rest of the album is excellent. I own All This Time and Stairs & Elevators and both of them are in constant rotation in my cd collection and have been for months. I’d have to say they are among my top five favorite bands right now, which considering my recent rising interest in new(er) music, is saying a lot. They are also REALLY good live. I saw them in January and although the venues acoustics were awful, Erika and the guys sounded great.

  3. omphalos says:

    i really like the singer’s phrasing. is the rest of the album this good? it also tickled me that the kitty walks up the path to the house after the band goes in — nice visual line pulling the eye along, that moment is much like the singer’s voice: plain but quirky, embellished with the serendipity of the mundane.

  4. madaboutu says:

    whirlygirly……………….I agree with you about the positive direction of the indies. Power has been centered in NY and LA too long. The internet has changed the way alot of marketing of music is done.

  5. whirlygirly says:

    haven’t looked at the boards, but logged in to say that listening to this cool band, which is right up my alley, led me to fat possum records in miss. and that may work itself into this article i am still trying to get off the ground about how the music biz has radically changed in the past few years, which i hadn’t even noticed in a visceral way until i spoke to a depressed cool cat in hollywood last week, who wouldn’t even speak to me on the record but poured his heart out off the record, which is leading me down a rabbit path of talking to other cool cats here and there about the absolute disintegration of the record business as we know it in LA, and i’m sorry and concerned for my friend but at the same time happy for the redistribution of spark and power out from LA and all thru the country. viva the independent label, so vibrant and kicky! (this comment probably makes no sense except to me but, heck.) you know what? i’ll say it again! viva the independent label!

  6. CJ says:

    The board came back around midnight for me and missed the whole Cellcert and then some. No one seems to be talking about it so I don’t no what happened but the board was gone for about three hours for me and I was lost.

  7. mamaforpeace says:

    Oh, where have all the threads gone????

  8. JAG says:

    Anyone know what’s going on? What happened to the boogie board link? Left at six,just got home and still no link?

  9. madaboutu says:

    Where in heck are the boards?

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