Elvis Perkins.

All The Night Without Love.


4 Responses to Elvis Perkins.

  1. cali50 says:

    Is the board down for everyone?

  2. taylormade4me says:

    I believe Elvis is the son of Tony Perkins. Remember Elvis Presley had a very close association with his ma. Some mother/son relationships can be strong and healthy.
    lol. not Normans. eek.

  3. juliegr says:

    Does anyone know if this is the song of Tony Perkins (the actor)? If so, this is an excellent musical accompaniment for the movie Psycho! hah

  4. taylormade4me says:

    I really like the lyrical emote from Perkins. Like the original Elvis he had a deep relationship with his mother. I realize he wrote this album in an order and it corresponded with the death of his mom, which is really sad but it explains or underscores the tremendous celestial notes to his lyrics. Elvis was probably looking to the sky, and then it reflected in his album later for some connection with his mom as she was crossing and then passed. He is poetic to the point of being mystical in many ways. I can relate. Thanks. smiles.

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