Interesting Commentary on Artists and Record Labels

Sophie B. Hawkins in an interview lamenting the current state of artists under control of the major record labels.

An interview with


10 Responses to Interesting Commentary on Artists and Record Labels

  1. dottib says:

    What a great attitude! I am expecting more and more great music from people who think that way!

  2. justwatchin says:


  3. madaboutu says:

    This isn’t about Sophie Hawkins but I am just getting ready to watch the CMA and wondered if anyone would come here and also be watching or already seen it. It will be cool to see Bucky on something like this. We have already seen Kellie and Carrie on more than one. And I really do want to hear the Eagles. One of my in-laws got tickets from his company to see them in L.A. with the Dixie Chicks and said the concert was awesome.

  4. Tayfancier says:

    Hope Taylor gets a chance to see this.

  5. whirlygirly says:

    this is the perfect clip and should run in a loop continuously! it says it all.

    i like her positive attitude. i’ve always been a fan of hers and am glad she is taking the bull by the horns. live free or die! lol

    the industry was good in that it put money into developing artists until the current digital technology-inspired crisis started. the industry was bad in that it had a tendency to squish or ignore people who didn’t conform to corporate ideals. many a soul has been eaten by the industry. like she says, it’s good to have a shake down sometimes. with all the tools available, it’s a great time to be an independent artist. look at bo! he finally looks comfortable in his own skin again.

  6. juliegr says:

    What a great interview. So much of what Sophie talks about is exactly what’s happening in the music industry right now. How many artists are making these decisions for immediate publicity and play — not thinking about how limited they’ll be to make their own decisions?

    Her game plan sounds like a winner to me.

    Thanks for posting.

  7. claireb7tx says:

    she is a breath of fresh air….freedom to be all you can be!

  8. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Her words are good ones to live by – both in and out of the music world.

  9. Liz says:

    She’s right. Of course she’s right.

  10. JAG says:

    I like the way she thinks,for her it’s about the music not becoming rich and famous.Not that there is anything wrong with being rich and famous if that is your choice, but if it’s not and the music is the focus then now seems to be the time to be yourself and allow the creative energy to be free from the chains the big record companies place upon an artist.

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