A Taylor-Made Evening

I ran across this Youtube link I had saved awhile back and thought it might be fun to share.

Van Morrison being inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 2003, and look who is there to perform a musical tribute !!


9 Responses to A Taylor-Made Evening

  1. Blondi says:

    Knowing how Van Morrison feels about the mainstream machine..I felt somewhat uncomfortable for him. But, seeing Ray Charles there and Van performing with him, just raised the vibe to pure emotion and admiration. I was in awwww watching these two legends in their own rights. Ray Charles…awwwww love ya forever man….

  2. AgingHippie says:

    MDS you made me laugh with your description of Van – – even the masters have to have heros probably Van was happy to be performing with one of his 🙂
    This was a wonderful treat – thank you BAS

  3. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Two powerhouse originals – amazing! The roof must have felt like it had blown off by the time the song was over. And Van…my goodness…the man actually looked…happy! A rare sight! Great footage – thanks for bringing it out of the vault!

  4. lilolme says:

    I have this collaboration as my ringtone on my cellphone 🙂

    Thanks for posting this!

  5. Marcy says:

    Wow- that gave me the shivers…..two amazing talents. Always loved both of them but my appreciation has grown deeper since knowimg how they influenced Taylor. Ray would have loved Tay, wouldn’t he?

  6. deejay says:

    o. m. g. this is exactly what I needed to see this morning. thanks! this is one of those moments in music where you just stare in awe with your mouth half open shaking your head. amazing.

  7. madaboutu says:

    That is just great! You can tell that Ray is not doing so well, but he still gives it a good try. And, imagine that kind of music coming out of an Irishman! Terrific

  8. juliegr says:

    WOW~~~ I remember Taylor “tagging” Crazy Love during his tour.

    Thanks for digging up all these gems — this one is extra special!

  9. Patty P says:

    That was very nice. I liked Van’s acknowledgment at the end that if it weren’t for Ray Charles, he wouldn’t be where he was today. I think Taylor has said basically the same thing about Ray and about Van himself.

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