The Boogie is Getting Ready to Boogie On!

Just talked to Ash and due to bad weather in her area, she will not be able to get on-line until tomorow. She asked me to post this to let you all know. The Boogie should be up and running tomorrow (Tuesday), at the earliest, or Wednesday, at the latest. Hang in there everyone!


23 Responses to The Boogie is Getting Ready to Boogie On!

  1. juliegr says:


    Better late than never ~~~~ Welcome back, Boogie!

    Thanks Ash and AmyH.


  2. letherenda says:

    How do you spell relief? B o o g i e! I knew I would miss it, but did not realize how much. So glad that all is well.

  3. ejisnotastalker says:

    BTW AmyH, how come WordPress let you register a name that’s 1) only 4 characters and 2) has caps in it? I tried “EJ” but they imposed the above conditions and hence my “new” name 🙂

  4. ejisnotastalker says:

    Great! I’m having withdrawal symptoms here…

  5. havingfun123 says:

    Yea !!!!!!!
    Thanks Ash and Amy for working so hard to gather us all together again.
    See you soon.

  6. brenda says:

    I love the boogie board and am so glad to see it will be coming back up.

    The storms last night were horrendous. They spawned many, many tornadoes all night. Glad to hear Ash is safe and will be bring BB back up soon!

  7. chrissietay says:

    🙂 wooooo

  8. kimloree says:

    Hanging out on the porch…waiting for Amy and Ash to get home. I brought a thermos of coffee and some doughnuts. Anyone want some?

  9. c4tay says:

    Hi, everyone! I’ve been going nuts without you all here at the BB. Didn’t realize how much I missed getting together here until it was gone. This is such good news! Thanks, Ash, for getting things worked out for us again. I’ve been searching everywhere for you all. I will be anxiously waiting for things to start up again. Yay!

  10. celebrityblondebabe says:

    I am certainly ready…sick to death of another fansite…and ready to spread my wings over here…found a new few avenues…that is good. Hope BB is ready soon. Thanks~

  11. janibeth says:

    Well…I’m waitin’….tapping foot impatiently…

    Can’t wait to get back inside the boogie house! 🙂

  12. juliegr says:

    All I gotta say is M-E-OWWW!!

    So true — I own cats! OWWW 🙂


  13. crazymomelon says:

    Who knew how much I’d miss the Boogie?

  14. mabfl says:

    Sweet, Amy, you always find the right words. 🙂

    I’ll be there.

  15. pboyers says:

    Hey – this is great news!!! I’ve only checked about 100 times today. Whoooo Whooooo. Thank you for posting and thanks to Amy for the heads up.

  16. taytayfan62 says:

    I will keep checking back for the re-opening of the Boogie. Can’t wait!!!

  17. cj11 says:

    Hi everyone!
    I got in but it made me change my name about ten times, it seems everybody has CJ for there log in.. so I’ll just be cj11 for now.

  18. mabfl says:

    I can’t wait till the boogie is back up!

  19. mabfl says:

    I did it, I did it!!

  20. juliegr says:


    Whatever you say, the boogie isn’t dull.

    Thanks for working out the bumps in the administrative road.

  21. phandi says:

    Boogie, thanks for the word. We need our BB back!!

  22. cali50 says:

    I am so excited!

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