New(ish) Jamie Lidell!!

Jamie Lidell’s most recent album JIM is Hot, Hot, Hot!

You can’t go wrong with Fun, Funky, Soulful jams.

Here is a preview:


“A Little Bit of Feel Good”


“Figured Me Out” live on Jimmy Kimmel!



and for those who may not have heard or don’t remember, here’s an awesome track called “Multiply” from his previous album.


8 Responses to New(ish) Jamie Lidell!!

  1. cypfan says:

    A Little Bit of Feel Good,,,,,,I really liked. Multiply was good too but the techno must be an acquired fancy. It seems an attempt to be commercial. Nothing wrong with widening your draw but I prefer the more basic stye. As an aside, I noticed. his lyrics in Little Bit included a reference to “alchemy”. Evidently, this is a more common topic of lyrics than I had thought. He definitely deserves a second listen. thanks from an uncultured ear

  2. tandjam says:

    FYI, Jamie just announced some new tour dates, including two in Austin. I’m excited to see him at the Fillmore in SF in September. I just saw him at a small club, not even sold out, in May. The Fillmore is quite a jump up!

    Oh and can someone delete one of my above comments? One of them never showed up when I posted it so I posted again…and now there are two. Thanks!

  3. Lubiana says:

    FANTASTIC! I may have to buy this

  4. madaboutu says:

    Very nice to see some new stuff, and this is an artist I haven’t heard. I like him. Thanks for enough vids to get a real taste of his style.

  5. tandjam says:

    T is for Taylor, Jam is for Jamie!

    Jamie is one of the most creative and talented artists out there today. And his voice is amazing to boot! I love him.

    check out my blog post “Jamie Lidell LIVE, 05-28-2008, San Francisco, Recap with Audio” A Little Bit More was the best song of the night……..soul and techno…. I’m in heaven. Love love love. (skip down to “A Little Bit of Feel Good” if you don’t like the techno stuff. But if you don’t like the techno stuff you are missing out!)


  6. CJ says:

    Thanks for some new video’s! I love Jamie in fact I’m going out tonight and get that album along with Buddy Guy’s new one “Skin Deep.” I really like the video of multiply but some of his video’s are way out there for me ,but his music is so good.

  7. cali50 says:

    Thanks, Ash. Good to see you and Jamie!

  8. tandjam says:

    Oh yeah! Jamie’s biggest fan right here, baby! LOVE seeing him on the Boogie blog! <—my recap of his show in May and some not very good recordings…
    Skip down to “Little Bit of Feel Good” if you don’t like the techno stuff. (But if you don’t like the techno stuff, you’re are missing out. “A Little Bit More” was my favorite song of the night….soul and techno…born to be together…perfection! Plus a band! I’m in love.)

    Can you tell I like this guy?

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