Duffy is a  24 year old Welsh singer & songwriter who is currently cauusing buzz with her hit “Mercy”.

A lot of people in the blog-o-sphere have been comparing her to another quirky voiced Soul-Pop songstress, but I have to say that I disagree with the comparison. What do you guys think?



” Warwick Avenue” live from Later… With Jools Holland


11 Responses to Duffy!

  1. Jamie T says:

    P.S. Try watching Quadrophenia, Stings famous film, to see examples of the Mods from that time. The Beatles are part of the Northern Music culture.

  2. Jamie T says:

    Duffy is simply amazing….her sound is reminiscent of ‘Northern Soul’which started around the late 50’searly 60’s in England. Groups of young people called ‘Mods’ (after the ‘Modernist’term from the 30’s) collected in the large post-war dance halls throughout England and danced to obscure American imported soul music as well as Motown and chart pop. There were a lot of dances but ‘Ska’ was the adopted style of Northern Soul and you can see slow motion versions of this from the guys dancing around Duffy in her English official video for ‘Mercy’not the American one.
    ‘Mod’ boys dressed in Parkas and Mohair and Silk italian slimcut suits. They drove Lambretta and Vespa scooters. The girls wore short skirts or dresses and boots in the ‘Mary Quant’ style and hair was The Geometric Cut made famous by Vidal Sasoon in his London Salon. Duffy you are a brilliant Mod!!

  3. PattyLikesSongs says:

    she’s wonderful; what is it with these kiss-ass smoky singers a la 1960s? all these british girls, it’s so great. duffy and estelle and adele and esperanza spaulding (well, she’s american)and before them, lovely roisin murphy. duffy is reminding me of dusty springfield, and warwick avenue is my latest download. so great.

  4. kyarilee says:

    I first heard this song from “So you Think YOu can Dance” with Twitch and partner performing a dance routine. I definately liked the dance routine and loved the song. I even saved that performance so I could remember the name of the song. I just downloaded Mercy and I like it. Hope it goes to 1.

  5. katja says:

    I heard “Mercy” on tv and I had to get the album. Me likey.

  6. boogie says:

    Winehouse was obviously who I was referencing. I don’t think Duffy sounds much like her at all. She seems more pure, and her style reminds me more of Petula Clark’s downtown and perhaps Skeeter Davis, but not nearly as depressing.

  7. Justmi says:

    At first Duffy’s sound caught me off guard. And like JAG I thought she was Amy Winehouse. But the second time I heard it I enjoyed her uniqueness, emotion, and realness.

  8. KimLoree says:

    I definitely think her style is much like Amy’s.

  9. sue says:

    please post the mercy vid again. it says that it is not available. it is an awsome song. if you are comparing her to whine/house i say no, no, no,. besides having her head on straight and being adorable and very humble, duffy sounds nothing like her. they may perform in the same genres but their delivery is totally different. duffy has some amazing numbers on her mercy vids, which may be why the one you chose is not available. last time i looked it was over 8 million hits. please be sure to repost another vid of mercy for those who are not familiar with her

  10. JAG says:

    Duffy sounds great. She sounds a bit like Amy Winehouse !

  11. tandjam says:

    Duffy has her own thing going on, and she sounds like nobody else. I like her.

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