Ray LaMontagne and Damien Rice- To Love Somebody

Hey ya’ll!


I hope you enjoy this video.


3 Responses to Ray LaMontagne and Damien Rice- To Love Somebody

  1. Arrow2Soul says:

    This song does explain the nature of love, it’s mysterious journey through our conscious lives, and it’s revealing trek through the corners of the subconscious aspect of our lives.

    There’s a light
    A certain kind of light
    That never shone on me

    This lyric speaks of that subconscious aspect. Love awakens the senses, and it allows us to sense things previously unknown, and otherwise undetected.

    In my brain
    I see your face again
    I know my frame of mind

    This lyric speaks of the conscious aspect of love, the part that keeps the beloved close even when apart.
    Calling to mind love keeps us going and fills us with joy.
    The BeeGees made this song famous but the lyrics are timeless and classic, as is the melody which has some enduringly painful sounds. I cried when I listened.
    Ray does a fine job of pulling the emotions out of himself and thrusting them into the song, although he does so very cautiously, almost holding back, but it was magnificent.

  2. JAG says:

    Good to see you Ash,Great song,thanks for posting it !

  3. CJ says:

    Oh I love this song, was one of my favorites long ago glad to see this cover re-done by these two guys. There harmony is good together.

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