Taylor (apparently) Tweeted from “The Cone” last night. Too Funny! Ever since he started this Grease gig, we have wondered what he does in there. When he joined Twitter, some folks on The Boogie Board speculated/joked that he would Tweet from it, so to actually get those messages last night was just hilarious!

hollyb, on March 30th:

“I am in the cone.”
“I am about to open the cone.”
“I’ll be right back after I sing this song.”
“I’m back in the cone. Crowd was great, man.”

Missy1027, also March 30th:

I am in the cone, ya know
Actually I am about to open the cone
I’ll be right back, ya know after I sing this song
Actually, I’m back in the cone, ya know the crowd was actually great, man.


To follow Taylor Hicks via Twitter, click here:


5 Responses to Tweet!

  1. lol… that’s funny… cool! i’ve stopped following him for a while, but this whole cone thing has got me interested again.

  2. hicksaholic says:

    I signed up but have no clue what to do. Another technological challenge!

  3. cali50 says:

    The picture of Taylor, in the cone, twittering is just priceless. He has at least a good 10 minutes or more too! This may become his favorite place to twitter!

  4. Taylorwow says:

    So glad to see the front page about Taylor now. That just seems appropriate. I’ve never twittered, but I may give it a try.

  5. JAG says:

    That’s so cool,now we know what he does when he’s in the cone LOL !

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