Taylor Hicks on American Idol – TONIGHT!

Be sure to tune into American Idol tonight at 9EST. Taylor Hicks will be performing his next single Seven Mile Breakdown. New fans know the song from Taylor’s latest release The Distance, while longtime fans will recognize the tune as a Spoonful James cover. The original appears on their 2001 album of the same name and is a personal favorite of mine.

Hear mp3 At GreatIndieMusic.com

I hear tell Taylor has reworked this Southern Rock gem into a bonafide Country song in an attempt to break into Country radio. While most people can’t tell the difference between the two genres, they are indeed distinct. I sincerely hope Taylor is successful in this Country attempt because Country radio seems to be more accepting of new talent and is expanding more into the “rock” feel of the music. I’ve thought a few of Taylor’s past songs would have worked very well as crossover hits, but they were never marketed to Country radio stations.

Anyway …

Taylor Hicks.
American Idol.
Tonight – 9:00EST.

Be there or be square! (I know, I know – I’m a dork).

From TH.com:


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