Happy Taylor Hicks Day!!

It’s May 16th – Taylor Hicks Day! (Woo!) The New England Soul Patrol is hosting a virtual party tonight at 7pm EST. uhadmeatwoohoo posted this on The Boogie Board:

Hey Taylor fans-tomorrow 5/16 is Taylor Hicks Day! Join us on NESP for a chat parTAY 7:00. Here’s the link-just type in the name you want to use to enter-all welcome!!

Maybe we can get Taylor to drop in from the cone! Please spread the word on the various sites you visit.


Hope we get a great turn out! Soul Patrol!!!

If you’re looking for something fun to do tonight (and some fun people to hang with), why not drop by? It should be fun!

2 Responses to Happy Taylor Hicks Day!!

  1. Laurirose says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday to the Boogie Board, Monday June 22nd, 2009!!

    Thanks to Ash for starting this wonderful blog and the BB on 6.22.06… May we all have many more healthy and happy and musical years together…

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