Vote for Taylor Hicks for Mr. Twitter!

The following post was written for us by Boogier tishlp:

Taylor is in 3rd place currently for Mr. Twitter North America. If he stays in the top 20 until the end of this round of competition, he will move on to the Mr. Twitter World Competition. When I first found out about this competition and discovered that Taylor was included, I posted it on the Boogie Board. That was on July 11th and the contest was for Mr. Twitter USA. At that time, Taylor had 391 votes. The leader, a Adam Lambert fan news site had 19,268.

As a community, we moved Taylor all the way up to the 2nd place, where he stayed until almost the last when a movie star’s fans found the competition and started voting. I felt proud that we were able to keep Taylor up so high in votes and as a result create a lot of buzz on Twitter about him.

Now Taylor is in 3rd place for Mr. Twitter North America following behind 2 movie/TV stars. He is the top musician in the competition. This is amazing when you consider that Taylor has 3,590 followers on Twitter and the 2 front runners, Peter Facinelli and Zachary Quinto have 683,110 and 50,556 followers respectively.

Soul Patrol we are the Little Engine That Could. We’ve done it before and we can do it again. I know that Taylor really gets nothing from this “popularity contest” except some free publicity but I think it’s a easy way to create some buzz and perhaps curiosity and interest on Twitter for our Soul Man. So let’s keep voting as often as we can for the next 9 days and while you at it, request his music from radio stations, both commercial radio and online radio. Let people hear what we hear. Thanks, and now back to voting.


Thank you, Tish!

To cast your vote for Taylor Hicks, please go here.  You can vote once every twenty minutes.


3 Responses to Vote for Taylor Hicks for Mr. Twitter!

  1. havingfun says:

    I am voting Tish !!

  2. Alex says:

    Great post – Just subscriped to your RSS feed.. Thanks

  3. juliegr says:

    Thanks Tish — wonderful idea to raise the flag for Taylor and help concentrate the effort.

    The competition is pretty intense and fun — we may be fewer but we are no less supportive. 😀

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