Rodney Ho interviews Taylor Hicks in Atlanta

As you may or may not know, Grease is currently in Atlanta and Taylor has joined the production once again after some time off (I don’t know what he was doing, but I hope he kicked back a little – he needs it!)

luvtaylorhicks posted this terrific interview on The Boogie Board that Taylor did with Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Rodney has covered Taylor in the past and has always treated him well. I remember chatting with him (Rodney) for a minute or so when I went to see Taylor at the Tabernacle. Seemed like a nice guy.

This article includes mentions of Grease (“It allows fans new and old to see me in two different lights,” he said. “One as an actor performer, the other as a singer songwriter.”); a photo from his last shadow tour at Smith’s Old Bar (where he performed with LiMBO and members of Spoonful James after the Idols Live show in 2006); discussion of AI8 (“Hicks, ever the diplomat, refused to name favorites.”); and a Q&A with user submitted questions – I do believe I see a few Boogiers listed there (make sure to read the last question and answer ’cause it will make you smile). 🙂

Taylor Hicks interview for “Grease” show at Fox Theater August 11-16
August 10, 2009, by Rodney Ho

Taylor Hicks three years ago said his life ambition was to live on a bus and just play music.

After winning “American Idol,” the prematurely gray-haired soul singer has gotten that wish. He has no house, no rent or mortgage, no utility bills. “I’ve been living out of a suitcase since 2006,” he said in an interview last month to promote his role as Teen Angel in the national tour of “Grease,” which is at the Fox Theatre. “My bills get sent to my parents.”

But even a vagabond like Hicks says he actually would to have roots again someday.

“I’d like to have some home setting in five years, some sort of anchor,” he said.

Of course, Birmingham is his hometown. But Atlanta, he said, is “like a second home,” given how many friends and family he has here. He will also make a return visit to Smith’s Olde Bar on Sunday after his final “Grease” performance. This is where he also performed in 2006 after his appearance on the “Idols Live” tour at Gwinnett Arena.

Follow this link to read the rest. I hope you do because it’s a GOOD one.


3 Responses to Rodney Ho interviews Taylor Hicks in Atlanta

  1. madaboutu says:

    Very nice to read the interview, and also to see the front page keeping up with Taylor news.

  2. juliegr says:

    That was a fantastic interview by Rodney Ho. I assume he had a chance to go to Grease last night also. :aaa: Can’t wait to see the photos and video.

    Good idea to put some new stuff on the “front page”.

  3. JAG says:

    What a great interview,loved the questions from his fans !

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