Taylor Hicks Whomp at the Warfield!

Boogier luvtaylorhicks posted more news this morning – and what fabulous news it is!!

According to Video Business Online (aVariety group newsweekly):

Release Date: 11/03/2009
Label/Distributor: IMAGE
Prebook DVD: 10/06/2009
Retail Price: DVD $19.98
Genre: Musician Taylor Hicks performs some of his biggest hits.

Yay! We have all been holding our breath and watching for news about Whomp at the Warfield for so long. I hope so much that this comes to pass. The timing is great for Christmas shoppers (and is just in time for my birthday).

AND, according to Image Entertainment, there is a BONUS Taylor Hicks interview! Squee!

So many goodies to look forward to, let’s add this shall we – The Cover Art:

That is a damn fine picture.

From a previous post re: Whomp at the Warfield:

This DVD was recorded during Taylor’s concert at The Warfield Theater in San Francisco, May 9, 2007:

Gonna Move
Give Me Tonight
Heart and Soul
– Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
Medicated Goo
Just To Feel That Way
My Friend
The Deal
Hold On To Your Love
– Lonely Avenue
Wherever I Lay My Hat
Soul Thing
– Eastbound and Down
Heaven Knows
– Ain’t It Funky Now
The Maze
– Warm Love
The Right Place
The Runaround
– Big Boss Man (harp tease only)
– Willie Brown Blues

The Fall
Naked in the Jungle
– Dance to the Music
– I Wanna Take You Higher

This concert has aired on the TV channel HDNet a handful of times and word is Medicated Goo was left off the menu. No explanations were given, but it is possible they were unable to clear the rights to air the tune.

No explanations on why such a long wait between filming and release either, but if I had to guess I would say that it boils down to distribution rights (Van Morrison is known to be especially protective of and vigilant about his work). It’s pure conjecture on my part, though.

I can’t give firsthand details on this concert as I wasn’t there nor do I receive HDNet, however I did see some vids by a Boogie poster named caligal. Naked in the Jungle is worth the price of admission all by itself.

Thank you, luvtaylorhicks – you made my day. 🙂


10 Responses to Taylor Hicks Whomp at the Warfield!

  1. Phyllis says:

    Wow, love the picture of Taylor. He’s still number one for me. Love this guy and his music!

  2. Brootsie says:

    squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel! thanks for the info!!! i’m soooo happy! I’m dancing in my seat!!!

  3. wings says:

    I am so looking froward to this.
    See me happy dancing!!!!!

  4. I have been waiting so long. I am going to buy the DVD and CD as soon as it is available. I can’t wait!!! It is going to be awesome!!!!!

  5. juliegr says:

    I wonder if the DVD is a Whomp Records release? He is listed as the producer, wasn’t he?

    That would be so cool.

  6. c4tay says:

    This is FABULOUS news! I was so hoping this would finally happen! I’m thrilled for Taylor and for all of his fans! I cannot wait!

  7. juliegr says:

    Wait until you see BADGE! And the boots! And the dancing! And Heart and Soul (with BEHM tag).

    The ENTIRE DVD will take you back to the days of the “Hot and Humid tour” and you’ll L-O-V-E it!


  8. dnjmorton says:

    SWEET!! Cover art is WOW! I have it recorded, but I want the disc!! It will be worth the wait to actually own this performance.

  9. blueeyes4tay says:

    WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is such great news on so many levels…..so happy for him and us! The cover pic is BREATHTAKING…..

  10. madaboutu says:

    OMG! What news this morning. That really came out of the blue. But great news it is, and so many have been waiting for the release, afraid it would never happen……..and jealous of those who have HDNet. Thank you luvtaylorhicks!

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