Two Solid Weeks Of Taylor Hicks

Ahh, the ever present Google Alerts. Yes, they deliver the stats of sports stars who attend Taylor Hicks Elementary School, but they also bring this kind of gem:

Get Ready, Houston: You’re Gonna Have Two Solid Weeks Of Taylor Hicks
By Margaret Downing
Thursday, Aug. 13 2009

Good news came out today for fans of Taylor Hicks and Grease — they no longer will have to pick certain Houston shows to be sure of seeing the former American Idol winner as the Teen Angel.

Originally, Hicks was to only appear in some shows during the two-week run in Houston … But in a news release today, Theatre Under the Stars spokeswoman Lauren Lovell writes that Hicks will appear in every show.

According to Taylor:

“I’m excited to be coming to Houston. It’s a two-week occasion, so I’ll have time to appreciate the culture this city has to offer — from the food, the sports, and especially the music.”

He also gets a good plug in for his acoustic show on Monday, September 14 at Warehouse Live. I know a lot of people are salivating over this gig. It’s been a while since Taylor played Houston and those fans are counting down the days.

Read the whole article here.


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