Taylor Hicks – LIVE in ATLANTA!!

Taylor Hicks – Smith’s Olde Bar – Atlanta, GA – TONIGHT!!
10-ish EST

Buy tickets here.

Wish I was there. I was lucky enough to be there September 12, 2006 when he played Smith’s on the original Shadow Tour (during the American Idol tour). That evening he was joined by members of LiMBO and Spoonful James. Tonight, Ben Deignan will be opening and Taylor will be performing with Spoonful James (and it’s acoustic!!!!)

We are holding a cellcert on The Boogie. Just hop on over any time today to join in the festivities (we usually get so excited that the hoopla starts early in the morning). Legacy is our onsite reporter – if you’ve ever heard a cellcert from Legacy then you know we are in for a treat, and if you haven’t then you have to join us. She is hysterically funny! Cali50 will be hosting and I am going to setlist. It’s been a while for me, but I know The Man’s catalog pretty well, so it should be like riding a bicycle.

Here’s to great reception and a fun time in the Hot Town tonight!


3 Responses to Taylor Hicks – LIVE in ATLANTA!!

  1. dnjmorton says:

    Great Cellcert last night!! Legacy is great,it was good to her her voice. Thank you everyone…it was a most enjoyable evening and it sure sounded like Taylor was in FINE form.

  2. juliegr says:

    Hail, hail, the Gangs’ ALL here!

    :hat1: :hat2: :hat3: :hat4:

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