Taylor Hicks goes for camp in spirited ‘Grease’ at TBPAC

Google Alert this morning from the Tampa Bay Online newspaper:

Hicks goes for camp in spirited ‘Grease’ at TBPAC
By WALT BELCHER | The Tampa Tribune
Published: August 19, 2009

TAMPA – He descends from the top of the stage encased in a huge ice cream cone. This Teen Angel is a prematurely gray soul singer who adds a touch of campiness to his song.

Channeling both Cary Grant and Frankie Avalon, former “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks plunges in to ’50s rock ‘n’ roll as he croons “Beauty School Dropout” in a spirited production of “Grease” that opened at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center on Tuesday night.

Hicks, a good old boy from Alabama, doesn’t show up until halfway into the second act to appear in a fantasy sequence complete with beauty parlor patrons wearing large cone-shaped hair dryers.

He hammed it up, making goofy faces. And he whipped out a harmonica for a riff, giving it that Hicks’ touch. The audience roared when dropout Frenchy cooed to him: “I voted for you.”

Read the entire article here.

Grease at the TBPAC:

August 18 2009 – 7:30P
August 19 2009 – 7:30P
August 20 2009 – 7:30P
August 21 2009 – 8:00P
August 22 2009 – 2:00P & 8:00P
August 23 2009 – 2:00P & 7:30P


2 Responses to Taylor Hicks goes for camp in spirited ‘Grease’ at TBPAC

  1. madaboutu says:

    Me too! I love the front page also. It looks really sharp. And thanks to Taylor there is always something new to put up! There is quite a bit of media from Tampa already.

  2. Taylorwow says:

    A nice article! I really like the change in the Boogie front page. Here’s the Cary Grant comparison again–can it be overtaking the George Clooney look a like comparison?

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