30 Seconds with Taylor Hicks

I got the following Google Alert this morning:

30 Seconds With… Taylor Hicks
Tod Caviness, Sentinel staff
August 21, 2009

Tough love: That’s what Simon Cowell gave Taylor Hicks throughout his climb through the ranks on American Idol in 2006, and now Hicks gets to dispense a little himself. This week, he’ll be at the Carr Performing Arts Centre in the touring Broadway revival of Grease playing Teen Angel, Frenchie’s soulful voice of reason in the musical number “Beauty School Dropout.”

Caviness: Everybody remembers Frankie Avalon as Teen Angel from the film version — how did you approach it?

Hicks: I just tried to keep it as signature as possible, from the writing of the horn lines to the R&B, adding the harmonica bit — it’s definitely Taylor Hicks playing Teen Angel.

Caviness: Any future acting plans after this?

Read the entire article here for the answer to that one! 🙂

This interview appears in the online edition of the Orlando Sentinel. Grease dates for Orlando:

Bob Carr Performing Arts Center – Orlando, Florida
August 25 2009 – 8:00P
August 26 2009 – 8:00P
August 27 2009 – 8:00P
August 28 2009 – 8:00P
August 29 2009 – 2:00P & 8:00P
August 30 2009 – 1:00P


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