Temptation Otis Willians is a Taylor Hicks fan

Boogie Boarder kmoss17819 found this gem of an article – it’s an interview with Temptation Otis Williams … and he mentions Taylor Hicks!

The relevant portion:

Geek – You say, “Great singing will always prevail.”  That’s what they push on American Idol. Do you watch that TV show?

Otis Williams – Oh yeah, I watch it.

G – What do you think of it?

OW – Some of it is funny.  Every now and then you run across somebody who can sing, but a lot of those people up there are kind of funny.  I really like Taylor Hicks.

G – He’s good because he’s different.

OW – Yes, he is.  I like his deliverance and he can sing.

You can read the rest here.  It really is a very interesting article with an icon of the music world.  Thank you, kmoss17819!!


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