And now, a golden oldie from … Pearl Jam?

How old does a tune have to be before it’s considered “classic rock’? Admittedly, some things are considered “classics” immediately, but when you’re talking about programming a radio station, what constitutes “classic rock” to you?

I bring it up because I had a somewhat … disconcerting moment last night. On my way home from work, right around 7:45 EST, I turned on Knoxville’s classic rock station 103.5 and heard this:

Exsqueeze me? Baking powder?

Pearl Jam can’t be classic rock because I remember when this was NEW. I was in frickin’ high school for crap’s sake! Gah! Is this how my parents felt when they first heard Garden Party (1972) or Morning Has Broken (1971) on the oldies station? Or perhaps a cut off Are You Experienced? (1967) that made it’s way to the classic rock station in the early 80s? I remember listening to those growing up, but they were their songs from their generation. But now I recognize, if I’d had kids at the same age my Mom had them, those kids would be 9 and 7 now – about the same age I remember hearing her music on the classic stations.

Looking at the sleeve (okay “insert” – whatever, I prefer my vinyl anyway) of my Ten CD, it says 1991. Do you realize that’s 19 years ago? 19 YEARS AGO!! I was a high school freshman who couldn’t yet drive and had questionable taste in clothing, friends, and boys. Come to think of it, I still kinda have questionable taste in clothing and when it comes to picking guys I SUCK at it. But by God, I had good taste in music then and I still do (shutupBecca!)


I guess I should start looking for Rick Dees to start hosting a weekly oldies show ala Wolfman Jack.


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