Taylor Hicks is smitten with his fans, and it shows!!

Only a week ago I attended a Taylor Hicks concert and the performance I received from him left me energized, my appetite for his music increased with his performance and I wanted, no, needed more. There is an intimacy that he creates between himself and each audience member. He takes us on a wild ride of musical tempos and emotions; he has us laughing and clapping, dancing to the music. With his next song you can hear his heart breaking in his voice and leaves us in tears. The experience is not all spiritual cliches and emotions – he gets down and dirty, moving his body with a sensual ease, grinning with the knowledge of the effect his movements have on the libidos of an audience of women. That voice: he uses it with the mildest caress, holds perfect, clear notes for an impossibly long time, and surprises and delights as he brings the growl.

The energy pours off his body and envelops the audience, who return the energy in hopes that it will prolong the experience. His harmonica can be flirtatious, unique, spontaneous – the sound that punctuates the joy he feels and then bestows upon his listeners. As he is ending the show, he begins a little dance — hands behind his back, he is all over the stage, is almost to the wings and returns, sings a bit more, dances off and then comes back and blows on his harp, often falling to his knees and bringing us to our knees as well. Too soon he is dancing his way backstage. After a quick shirt change, and a swig of water he returns to the stage to give us an encore. He gives us our money’s worth and a bit of lagniappe as well.

He gives the impression that he is totally charmed with his fans. He stands at the merchandise table until everyone has a chance to greet him, get something signed and a quick picture with him. Many will purchase items just to have an excuse for another autograph or a reason to tell him how much they have enjoyed his music. A little merchandising genius.

As I watched Taylor walk alone up the stairs I had the impression of someone who has laid himself bare, and that every ounce of his energy has been given to his fans.

by Legacy

Check out Taylor with his fans:
Taylor Hicks 9/17/2011 MPAC VIP Party

Taylor Hicks on Ning
The Boogie board


5 Responses to Taylor Hicks is smitten with his fans, and it shows!!

  1. juliegr says:

    Every word rings true — so glad you were able to attend the show.

  2. dnjmorton says:

    Legacy, Your description of Taylor, his music, his performance style is spot on!! Loved every word you wrote. I printed it, so I can read it again and again. You have just defined the WOO!

  3. hicksaholic says:

    Oh yeah… they wanted our picture made with him so I bought my 5th,6th or 7th copy of The Distance and we had a great picture made.

  4. hicksaholic says:

    Funny you should write this… I just took several friends from college to a Taylor concert in Fayette AL this past weekend and you have described the experience perfectly. Two of my friends had been with me several times to see Taylor and were already fans. They had to help convince another one to go to the concert. Afterwards she said she wanted to go again… she loved him!

  5. blueeyes4tay says:

    Beautifully written Legacy…and so true!

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