Excoboard … gone?

This is a hard one, friends.

Excoboard (the host for many message boards, including The Boogie) is apparently non-operational. From what I have been able to dig up, excoboard was apparently sold late last year. I don’t know if that has anything to do with what is happening now or not. All I know is I logged in a week ago and everything was fine. I tried to log in Thursday evening (we’d lost yet another music icon and I wanted to check on some Boogie friends who are BIG fans) and got the 404 messages.

It appears that the main excoboard site, all hosted boards (s1, s2, s3), support forums, and archives are unreachable. No matter what I click on, I get a 404. Trying to email has resulted in MAILER-DAEMON bounced replies. Posting on excoboard’s Facebook page has turned up nothing. There are lots of angry people posting similar complaints, but no replies.

If The Boogie does return, it may be empty. Or it may look completely different. Or it may be a pay forum. That’s up to whoever took excoboards down, I suppose.

However, we may need to brace ourselves that it’s not coming back at all.

Most of the media is available here (either by following links or asking for what you need), but we can’t replace all the memories … all the shared moments, shared concerts, recaps, inside jokes, travel/concert plans, birthday lists, grief counseling, recipes, etc.

It’s a dark day on the Internet, and some seriously sick sadist behind excoboard is to blame.




14 Responses to Excoboard … gone?

  1. Blondi says:

    Hate to read that the boogie board is down. When I see Taylor in my Instagram feed I’m always d of our hours spent together on the bougie board. Crazy and fun times. Thanks to all for the memories. Blondi

  2. madaboutu says:

    Yay…I can post again. This reminds me of Gray Charles , the primitive way. :). Miss you all. Miss Taylor. So many thanks to Ash , first of all, Amy, Pat Diane, any mod who ever put up with us. OMG all the sharing we have done. Think of all the threads we had going.!! Great times, amazing people.

    Perfect strangers became friends. It made me tear up that Girl4Reba thought of me when she went to the concert. Thanks JW for keeping my contact.

    It really has been a special bond. Thanks , Taylor, for bringing us together. We are awesome!

  3. madaboutu says:

    Hi all. So sad about the boogie. Thanks for letting me know, Jeanne. My stupendous posting string is broken. Hope they let me in here………..I have trouble with WordPress.

  4. Linda Mangold (hicksaholic) says:

    Sad…. I don’t check in as often as I used to but relied it on it to be here to check on Taylor events and help with tickets. This was about all that was left to bind Taylor fans.

  5. tandjam says:

    What a bummer. All that history.

    • berney says:

      Well this just sucks….So many years, tears, joy, highs and lows..and in the end so much history is gone like dust in the wind….

  6. Donna Jarvis (deejay) says:

    thanks so much for posting on the blog here so we know what’s up. I’ve gotten so used to things on the internet crashing that I just figured the Boogie would be back up at some point. Maybe, maybe not. but nothing can take away our memories of good friends, good times, Taylor, support, caring, kindnesses of every type…and wow, all that I’ve learned from the people here. Many thanks to Amy, Diane, Pat, Ash, and all the others who have nursed this board along since the beginning. the Boogie is more than a place to meet online. it’s the people who made up this great place. as long as there’s a Taylor show somewhere, the Boogie lives on. 🙂

  7. We are still hoping that the problems will be resolved. Meanwhile, we hope that our Boogie family can find each other here as we figure out what to do next. ❤

  8. Mary Kissel says:

    it was great while it lasted … I can’t thank you guys enough for keeping the boogie alive for all of these years …

    • peaches says:

      It was fun, and a pleasure to keep up. The members are wonderful people who deserve a nice place to chat. I hope you’ll stick around here and make use of the Open Thread, at least until we determine whether this situation is permanent or not.

  9. :( says:

    Yes someone with the user name Nicardo claimed to have bought it, he was on the support forums, he claimed his intention was to improve it, and he had fixed a crash error that had been going on for years. So it seemed he was trying but maybe he gave up?

    • peaches says:

      I admit to not visiting the Support Forums for a while, but it was because we didn’t have many problems and whenever I did visit them the help we needed was not there. It’s good to hear that he at least maybe tried in the beginning, but to just shutter things up with no warning is appalling behavior. 😦

  10. Heartbreaking. Thank you for the update. The Boogie is home to so many really great TH & music fans. Many who check in everyday, others, only occasionally now, such as myself. I would like to thank you, and Diane for trying to bring it back, all your endless hours of hard work, and keeping the doors open for all of us, for so many years. I have way too many memories (Girl4Reba) to mention, but I appreciate every single moment y’all put into this site. I had a TH show in my state Friday. I tried to log in to get Madaboutyou’s phone number because I was going to call her from my cell phone, so she could listen in. Those old time cell certs were everything. The recipes, the support for others. Thank you all again. Jeanne Hopkins.

    • peaches says:

      Hi Jeanne! Thanks for the kind words. I always said The Boogie is a combined effort and wouldn’t be anything without the members, and I stand by that today. Even though I haven’t been a daily visitor in a while, I still would check in to see how people were doing. I’m worried about some the regular daily visitors and hope they might make their way here to the Open Thread (tab is above).

      Mad is not going to be happy. Yikes!

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