Boogie Board Best of Taylor Hicks

The Boogie Board presents: The Best of Taylor Hicks, Spring 2007 Tour.

And I do mean the Best. These videos are outstanding! The fact that they are all shot by amateurs (on the sly) and put together in such a beautiful manner by fans of The Man and The Voice … well that just makes them all the more special. Near and dear to the hearts of many.

And they are winning new fans, which was the ultimate goal after all. It’s so good to see such positive feedback on these.

The many sides of Taylor Hicks:

1) Romantic Taylor:

2) Defiant Taylor:

3) Nostalgic Taylor:

4) Persistent Taylor:

5) Taylor Effin’ Hicks:

6) Hopeful Taylor:

7) Bluesman Taylor:

8 ) Ramblin’ Taylor:

9) Hicks on Fire:

10) Taylor Plays the Blues – with Keb Mo:

11) From calypso to Blues … without missing a beat:

12) Sheryl Who?

13) Heartbroken Taylor:

14) Wistful Taylor:

15) Taylor’s coming home – he’ll get there eventually:

16) Taylor doesn’t need your thought-control, he just needs some Blues:

17) Georgia is in … San Diego?

18) Um … well … this one pretty much defies explanation – (embedding disabled).


One Response to Boogie Board Best of Taylor Hicks

  1. madaboutu says:

    Ah……bluesy Taylor! These are among my favorites. I will miss the entire concerts on the boogie, complete with remarks, but, it is all about the music., they say.

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