Ode to Taylor Hicks

October 27, 2011

Thanks to Nadaclue for this funny Ode to Taylor Hicks

To the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies!

Come and listen to my story bout a gray haired guy.
A broke bar singer who was barely getting by.
And then one day he decided he would go
to the Vegas auditions for the Idol TV show.

American Idol, that is. Bright lights. Simon Cowell.

I turned on my TV one night several years ago
and took my seat upon the couch so i could watch the show
There was this gray haired fella, leanin’ on some bricks.
when they interviewed him, he said his name was Taylor Hicks.

Booorne by the River. Swanee River Rock. I want my voice heard.

Something made me sit right up and turn up my TV.
And when he sang I could have sworn he was singing right to me.
Now Simon didn’t like him much, said he didn’t look the part.
But he made it through to Hollywood and that was just the start.

Bring on the Ray! Golden Ticket. Harmonica walk.

I rushed to my computer, I had to find out more.
Who was this gray haired fella? where had he been before?
On the AI boards I joined some fans of this man with so much soul.
Someone came up with a name and we became the Soul Patrol!

Obsessed, that is. Woooo dust. Gray Charles.

That first week in Hollywood he chose Levon as his song,
and when it was his turn to judge, Simon admited he was wrong.
When he made the “bust your buns” speech, we all turned to mush..
and when he shouted Soul Patrol!, he was talking straight to us!

Original Recipe, that is. Backward Leans. Dorky suit.

The next week he sang Easy, and we all worried he’d go home.
So we all learned to power vote, and use more than just one phone.
Then came Taking It To The Streets, He was really on a mission.
This was the Taylor we’d been looking for ever since the audition.

Now his bunny days are over. Zodiac-Killer Eyes. Dog pound wind-up.

By now I think a lot of us had found the Gray Charles site.
And we were all nervous wrecks on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
Which song will he choose to sing? Should he dye his hair?
After they reveal the votes, will he still be there?

What the hell are Monkbots? Dial Idol. Go phones.

He sang Living For The Si-tay, and then Not Fade Away.
Ray Lamontagne’s Trouble. WTF? He does NOT look like Clay!
He was “Fearless, baby, fearless”. He did the Taylor-go Round.
He just stood still and sang a song and we all loved the sound.

Just to make everyone happy. Af-FECK-shun. Finger point.

Country Roads fell kind of flat, so let’s just skip to Queen.
The mic stand kick was definitely one of the funniest things I’ve seen.
He twirled behind the judges, he danced and had a ball.
Simon asked if he was drunk, Taylor said “Not at all”!

“Goin’ outta my mind”. Idols 07, Idols 07.

Then came “Darlin’ yoouuuuuu (finger point to the camera) send me..”
And all across the country, women squeeeed at their TVs.
The ending was amazing. The judges all were Wowed.
He listened to Rod Stewart about how to grab the crowd.

By the b@lls that is, Finger Snap. *Magic!*

Love Song week he sang “Just Once”, though he’d chosen a different song.
He was finding out that they made the rules, and so he went along.
He had played it their way long enough,he needed to find his groove.
Then we got the word, “watch out next week!” It was time to make his move.

Taylor concert, that is. Wild Cherry. George Harrison.

Play that Funky Music White Boy, was Taylor going for broke.
The chat rooms all errupted, and the Soul Patrol awoke!
Lest we forget, this was where the Boogie Board got its name.
In 90 seconds American Idol had been forever changed.

No cookie cutter pop star here. Tipping Point. Paisley shirt

Taylor had just shown everyone that he had come to play.
And the capper of the evening, was still half an hour away.
From the Beatles catalog he chose a classic song to sing.
And that’s the moment I believed he just might win this thing!

All Skate, Everybody Skate. Final Four. Off to Graceland.

Jail House Rock was so much fun, he had them dancing in the aisles.
And having no clue what the lyrics were sure didn’t cramp his style.
In The Ghetto sealed the deal in case there was any doubt.
And when the votes were tallied, the mighty Chris had just struck out.

“I forget the Hell out of some lyrics.” “As the world……turns”. Black leather.

And now it was down to just the final three.
They had their hometown visits, and got to see their family.
Elliott had us all choked up, his mom was a delight.
I’m glad she got to share his journey before she lost her fight.

The Galleria Elevator. Elliott’s parade. Kat in a helicopter.

First came Dancing in The Dark, the Paula dance was cute.
Simon blathered some insult, and The Soul Patrol hit Mute.
Randy chose You Are So Beautiful as Taylor’s second song,
and Taylor showed the whole world what we’d known all along.

Shoot. Blow. Holster. “you are a star.” “Well done Randy.”

Try a Little Tenderness was the song we had waited for.
He did it for the Soul Patrol, we could not ask for more.
He played chicken with the cameraman, and never missed a beat.
He nailed it and he knew it. This was his masterpiece.

“Good time funky Taylor”. Shaggy dress. Now that’s a love song!

Simon said the score was tied between Taylor and Kat.
Katherine took her turn, then Taylor came to bat.
The question that he asked us was, “Do I Make You Proud?”
I think he got his answer from the reaction of the crowd.

Standing “O”, that is, Power vote. Glory note.

Then came the announcement we had all hoped for.
Taylor was the winner and our Idol for evermore.
He had beaten all the odds, and taken home the prize.
And he became a star that season right before our eyes.

Soooouuuulllll Paatrooooooollll!! Silver Confetti. Woooooooooh!

Now I would like to thank you folks for kindly dropping in.
And helping me to remember all those days again.
Precious moments frozen in time that we all got to share.
It was a journey like no other, and I’m glad that we were there.

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

by Nadaclue

Taylor Hicks is in New York City!?!

March 15, 2010


But seriously, Taylor Hicks is indeed in New York City. He is taking the week off from Grease, but he is hardly resting. You can catch him on the following shows:

Tuesday, March 16th
Fox and Friends (Fox News Channel) – Check local listings
LX-New York (NBC 4 – New York) – Check local listings

Wednesday, March 17th
The Early Show (CBS) – Check local listings
Good Day New York (Fox 6 – Tri State NY area) – Check local listings

And (as previously reported by amyrebo), he will be down in Birmingham on Thursday building a house.

What did you do on your last vacation? I don’t know about you, but I slept late and watched a lot of Star Trek.

Taylor Hicks Whomp at the Warfield!

August 13, 2009

Boogier luvtaylorhicks posted more news this morning – and what fabulous news it is!!

According to Video Business Online (aVariety group newsweekly):

Release Date: 11/03/2009
Label/Distributor: IMAGE
Prebook DVD: 10/06/2009
Retail Price: DVD $19.98
Genre: Musician Taylor Hicks performs some of his biggest hits.

Yay! We have all been holding our breath and watching for news about Whomp at the Warfield for so long. I hope so much that this comes to pass. The timing is great for Christmas shoppers (and is just in time for my birthday).

AND, according to Image Entertainment, there is a BONUS Taylor Hicks interview! Squee!

So many goodies to look forward to, let’s add this shall we – The Cover Art:

That is a damn fine picture.

From a previous post re: Whomp at the Warfield:

This DVD was recorded during Taylor’s concert at The Warfield Theater in San Francisco, May 9, 2007:

Gonna Move
Give Me Tonight
Heart and Soul
– Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
Medicated Goo
Just To Feel That Way
My Friend
The Deal
Hold On To Your Love
– Lonely Avenue
Wherever I Lay My Hat
Soul Thing
– Eastbound and Down
Heaven Knows
– Ain’t It Funky Now
The Maze
– Warm Love
The Right Place
The Runaround
– Big Boss Man (harp tease only)
– Willie Brown Blues

The Fall
Naked in the Jungle
– Dance to the Music
– I Wanna Take You Higher

This concert has aired on the TV channel HDNet a handful of times and word is Medicated Goo was left off the menu. No explanations were given, but it is possible they were unable to clear the rights to air the tune.

No explanations on why such a long wait between filming and release either, but if I had to guess I would say that it boils down to distribution rights (Van Morrison is known to be especially protective of and vigilant about his work). It’s pure conjecture on my part, though.

I can’t give firsthand details on this concert as I wasn’t there nor do I receive HDNet, however I did see some vids by a Boogie poster named caligal. Naked in the Jungle is worth the price of admission all by itself.

Thank you, luvtaylorhicks – you made my day. 🙂

Taylor Hicks on American Idol – Boogie Viewing Party

April 29, 2009

As a follow-up to the previous entry, I’d like to invite you to join us on The Boogie Board for a viewing party. You do have to be a member to log-in, but membership is free and we are a fun bunch of people (I promise).

It should prove to be a great night of frivolity and mayhem the likes of which have not been seen since the days of the Bacchanal!

Okay, so maybe I wouldn’t go that far, but it will be fun and it’s a good chance to get your feet wet if you’re new to The Board and a chance for the veterans to reconnect.

Put on your party hats, lay out the hors d’oeuvres, and unlock the liquor cabinet!

Anyone remember these cartoons from “back in the day”?
(thanks to sadexception for this reminder)

Taylor Hicks on American Idol – TONIGHT!

April 29, 2009

Be sure to tune into American Idol tonight at 9EST. Taylor Hicks will be performing his next single Seven Mile Breakdown. New fans know the song from Taylor’s latest release The Distance, while longtime fans will recognize the tune as a Spoonful James cover. The original appears on their 2001 album of the same name and is a personal favorite of mine.

Hear mp3 At GreatIndieMusic.com

I hear tell Taylor has reworked this Southern Rock gem into a bonafide Country song in an attempt to break into Country radio. While most people can’t tell the difference between the two genres, they are indeed distinct. I sincerely hope Taylor is successful in this Country attempt because Country radio seems to be more accepting of new talent and is expanding more into the “rock” feel of the music. I’ve thought a few of Taylor’s past songs would have worked very well as crossover hits, but they were never marketed to Country radio stations.

Anyway …

Taylor Hicks.
American Idol.
Tonight – 9:00EST.

Be there or be square! (I know, I know – I’m a dork).

From TH.com:

Taylor Hicks News- 12/4

December 4, 2006

Taylor Chats with the Washington Post! Click here to see the transcript at washingpost.com

Taylor will not be making an appearance at the Billboard Music Awards.
Thanks to GrayCharles, for clearing that one up.

A new TH Press Release is posted on Yahoo! Finance.

Taylor will be performing on Good Morning America tomorrow– 12/5.

Runaround- Leno Performance

December 2, 2006

Check it out

wmv download provided by Gypsee

All I can say right now is wow. I’m not too keen on the recorded version, but live! is a whole ‘nother story.