Set Lists

Brought to you by *Basenji, Thackeray, AmyH & others @ the Boogie Board.


2007 Spring Tour

Jacksonville, Florida- Feb 21st

Tampa, Florida -Feb 22nd

Coral Springs, Florida -Feb 23rd

Orlando, Florida -Feb 24th

Mobile, Alabama -Feb 27th

Columbus, Georgia- Feb 28th

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina -Mar 2nd

Knoxville, Tennessee- Mar 3rd

Asheville, North Carolina -Mar 4th

Huntsville, Alabama -Mar 6th

Nashville, Tennessee- Mar 8th

Atlanta, GA- Mar 9th

Birmingham, Alabama- Mar 10th

Birmingham, Alabama Mar 11th

New Orleans, Louisiana Mar 14th

Austin, Texas Mar 15th

San Antonio, Texas Mar 17th

Grand Prarie, Texas Mar 18th

Little Rock, Arkansas- Mar 20th

Saint Charles, Missouri- Mar 22nd

Sioux City, Iowa- Mar 24th

Prior Lake, Minnesota- Mar 26th

Green Bay, Wisconsin- Mar 27th

Milwaukee, Wisconsin- Mar 28th

Chicago, Illinois- Mar29th

Greensburg, Pennsylvania – Apr 1st

Boston, Massachusetts- April 3rd

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire- April 5th

New Haven, Connecticut- April 6th

Westbury, New York- April 7th

Sayreville, New Jersey- April 10th

Lancaster, Pennsylvania- April 12th

Atlantic City, New Jersey- April 14th

Alexandria, Virginia- April 15th

Alexandria, Virginia – April 16th

New York, New York- April 20th

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania – April 21st

Royal Oak, Michigan- April 22nd

Columbus, Ohio- April 24th

Kansas City, Missouri- April 26th

Kansas City, Missouri- April 27th

Denver, Colorado- April 29th

Tempe, Arizona- May 1st

*(most colorful commentary brought to you by Basenji)

Brought to you by *Basenji, Thackeray, AmyH & many many others @ the Boogie Board.

2007 Spring Tour

2007 Summer Tour

Various Non-Tour Gigs


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