7/06 Video (Manchester N.H.)

The guys performing “Patience”.

Taylor performing “Taking It To The Streets”.

Taylor Performing “Don’t Let Me Down”

All videos are on GoFish.


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  1. Julie says:

    Cloud Nine…I LOVE it that the writer was compelled to reply and in such a snarky way! He showed his true colors in that response. Thanks for posting it.

    And The Blues…LOL!

  2. Jan says:

    The videos…I tried to resist and I had a pledge with myself not to watch or listen but I am weak!

    The boys Patience:
    I couldn’t get through it. I am so mentally and physically repelled by Ace that the world may explode when Jan and Ace are in the same relative space kind of like matter and anti-matter. I like Bucky more every time I see him though. I will be buying music by Bucky if it comes out and seeing him perform live on his own tour if given the opportunity.

    Taylor DLMD:
    I just heard The Beatles and Hall and Oates do that song and was it even the same song? I’m thinking in order to get close enough to get the vids, you miss out on the best acoustics.

    Taylor TITTS:
    Will you marry me Taylor? I’ll learn how to cook whatever kind of scary greens you like but I don’t think I can eat any kind of turnip or collard green. I can fake it. You know, eating an actual turnip green. I was raised on southern home cooking and I can cook it if properly motivated by performances like this one!

    I loved Blues and Soul (Heart and Soul). Was this recent?

  3. Lee says:

    Lyrics to Don’t Let Me Down……Although T does not sing them all.

    Don’t let me down, Don’t let me down
    Don’t let me down, Don’t let me down

    Nobody ever loved me like she does
    Oooo she does..yes she does

    And if somebody loved me like she do me
    Yes she do me Yes she does

    Don’t let me down, Don’t let me down
    Don’t let me down, Don’t let me down

    I’m in love for the first time
    Don’t you know it’s gonna last
    I’ts a love that lasts forever
    It’s a love that has no past

    Don’t let me down, Don’t let me down
    Don’t let me down, Don’t let me down

    And from the first time that she really done me
    Oooo she done me she done me good

    I guess nobody ever really done me
    Ooo she done me…she done me good

    Don’t let me down, Don’t let me down
    Don’t let me down, Don’t let me down

  4. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Good to know I’m part of “some sappy quotient of America”…I had always wondered what quotient I was in…NOT

    Ironic that a professional writer (*cof*cof*) made so many typos. He must be part of the illiterate quotient. Hmmm….sappy….illiterate…tough one…yep, I’ll stick with sappy.

    On to better things…like Basenji’s comment – cognitive porn! Love it! So does that mean when I see or listen to Taylor it’s ok to think dark, evil fan-girl thoughts? (Bad cognition – bad! Back!Into!The!Box!)

    I love the videos. It’s tough to think critically while watching – all I can think is
    “this is so cool!” (MDG —> deep thinker) What struck me most about both videos is his obvious happiness. Taylor keeps telling us he’s living his dream – and that’s what I see first and foremost. See it in these videos, FELT it in person last weekend in Provo (wow-just realized-it’s been a week!) To that I say – you go love! have the time of your life! cuz aren’t most of us living his dream with him – vicariously and all – but isn’t that part of the attraction?

    All week I have been watching the rerun of PBS’ American Masters about Bob Dylan. At one point Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary) was trying to explain the attraction, the magnetic hypnotic ATTRACTION to Dylan…I’ll fumble the quote but the essence is…”EVERYBODY wanted to sleep with Bobby, EVERYBODY wanted to get high with Bobby…People just wanted to be in the room with him, just be there, just be near, just be around him. Yeah they wanted to be with the man, but they also just wanted to be part of IT. It wasn’t just the man, it wasn’t just the music – there was something bigger going on all around it, and everybody wanted to a part of it.”

    I’m not sure why I’m bringing it up here – just made me think of Taylor…of course the music guy from the article would spit his vodka & tonic outta his nose that I would dare to compare Taylor, just barely an entertainer, with an artist like Dylan. HA!

    I like that gwc made the point that it’s important for us onlookers not to generalize too much from video snippets – because a concert, a show, is an experience with a beginning – middle – end and has to be taken in as a whole to be truly understood as an experience. It’s like trying to understand a novel by just reading 3 paragraphs on page 52, and 2 more on page 146, and then…well, you get my metaphor. And we have to remember this isn’t really a TAYLOR experience, it’s a Taylor with AI experience. Should Taylor wear a headmic – yeah probably, but he probably won’t – I think he has an image in his head of what a soul guy should look like, and I just have a feeling wearing a mic doesn’t fit. That might go with the pulling back from the mic at the end of the lines…my brother plays very similar music (bluesy soulsy jazz), and he does the same thing. And – its hard to tell REALLY what the sound quality is from amateur videos. (LOVE the videos -NOT complaining!) What’s great is we all see something different when we watch – we got the whole gestalt thing working for us (ooo, that was redundent!). I’m happy to finally see what he does with the harmonica and the feedback – yes, it sounded annoying, but I had to laugh – he looked so happy playing with his harp! Little kid.

    Final comment – it looked like Taylor knew someone had their camera on him during DLMD – I melted with that quick look and smile at the camera. I dream of front row seats…And THANK YOU for the link to the “Blues & Soul”. The lyric changes are depressing (I’ll just put my head down on the desk and cry now) but I love the acoustical arrangement, and of course, the voice. A new version of my favorite Tay song – what can make a Friday better?

  5. NOLAgirl says:

    Basenji: He spelled days “dyas” too. Guess spellcheck AND his editor were out of commission today. Asshat.

  6. idolAddict_NW says:

    Janine — that was really beautiful. I loved the vids as well. Are we lucky to have them or what?

  7. idolAddict_NW says:

    CloudNine — Love ya. I have more than once gotten caught up in the fire. I’m no one to judge. With some stuff it’s just TOO hateful, though, and I can’t even look. Still haven’t watched Larry King Live because I read on the boards about how Kat-tastic it was. Don’t even wanna go there. Just chillin’ chillin’ in the Tay love. Silly me.

  8. Tee says:

    OSB, you took the words right out of my mouth. Let us all focus on the positive, and ignore the negativity.

  9. Jannie says:

    I laughed, I cried, I looked at paying $220 for a premium seat, then recovered my sanity.

    So this morning I’m a writer on deadline, but have to steal a few minutes to watch part of DLMD and then TITTS, and by the end of the second one, I’m laughing out loud literally, and loving how totally nuts and over the top he is. And then I get to the end of my day and go back to watch them both again, and this time by the end of TITTS I’m bawling my eyes out, remembering the whole journey and how awesome this man’s talent is and how wonderful it is to be part of this whole great Internet community that has helped put him where he is today. Thank you, Ash and thank you all for this great board!

  10. CloudNine says:

    IdolAddict . . Please acccept my deepest aplogies for copying the whole text as I was not aware that the link to that particular website had been posted here before. Personally I would not give the guy the time of day, so I certainly did not write him to complain about what he had to say about our beloved Taylor. And I do agree, why fight fire with fire to fan his little flame. Again I am really sorry for posting it. Forgive?

  11. OSB says:

    Not to change paths, but, critics will write want they want, we can’t fight them every time they’re negative – we’ll start looking like annoying whiny fans (by we, I mean the collective Tay fan base, not we at this site).

    Right before Taylor looks into mj’s camera & smiles, he has an absolute Elvis face for a moment.

  12. idolAddict_NW says:

    Honestly, I really HATE seeing this twerk get so much time and space on all these TH boards. Do we need to drag this in here? Who CARES what the bleep thinks or writes? Now we’ll have another 20 people spew vitrol over this guy. SOOOOO not worth it.

    By the way, the Phantom appears to be offline tonight, but there is a play-by-play going on at taylorhicksfan if anyone is dying for one.

    I can’t resist.

  13. The Blues says:

    by the way… i’m not even offended by this guys review (not everyone is going to love taylor). but I am offended by HIM! what a tool!

  14. The Blues says:

    “I’m far too busy to really stop my life and deal with this”


    “Seems like you’re all grasping at straws to try and make me look bad.”


    “but not a partcularly relevant one (and not by me – by my editor…”)


    “No matter how you slice it, entertainers just don’t hold as much weight in the musical world as artists do. Not should they.”


    “I’ve written about rock and roll regularly for The Phoenix, Stuff@Night, Hartford Advocate, Bay Windows, In Newsweekly (where I’m the senior music critic and have a regular column), Boulder Weekly, Colorado Indie Weekly, Orlando Weekly, Nashville Scene – and on.”

    WHO?????? WHO?????? WHO????????? And I babysat the cousin of Mick Jaggers housekeeper.

    “Then why is it that I’m getting published and you’re not?”


    “You think I make the big bucks doing this? Hot flashes for all of you!”


    “By the way – in case I haven’t made myself clear – media critics don’t make names for themselves by being nice and pliable.”


  15. Basenji says:

    Amen Ash. But I like that he misspelled “drivel”.

  16. Ash. says:

    Shake it off, shake it off.

    Taylor will have critics. Taylor will have critics who are rude. Taylor will have critics that are beyond rude. It comes with the territory, and as far as I know there is nothing you or anyone else can do to change that. Writing letters in anger often does more harm than good, drawing attention to the negativity in Taylor’s Fan Base instead of the joy and excitement.

  17. bluesmoon says:

    This “critic” is doing exactly what his editors want — being strident, offensive, unreasonable and drawing LOTS of attention to the newspaper. Ignore the obnoxious little twerp. That’ll upset them worse than anything. Eventually he’ll alienate enough people he’ll only be writing for himself. Then they’ll drop him or switch him to the obit desk or something. Who CARES what he thinks, or writes!

  18. idolAddict_NW says:


    That article has been posted previously on many TH board including this one (though the person posted a link and not the entire copy, as you did). I chose not to read the article and choose not to read this post now. The Boston Herald has done nothing but trash Tayor from day 1 in the most vile manner. Their review is no surprise. Taylor will have critics. I don’t see the point of giving this jerk-off so much of your head space — or board space for that matter. He’s below contemplation.

  19. CloudNine says:

    justalady21 (justalady21) wrote in taylor_hicks,
    @ 2006-07-07 15:14:00

    Current mood: irate

    Thin-Skin Reviewer Talks Bad about Taylor
    There was a review of the opening night of the tour in the Boston Hearld. It was less than complimentary to Taylor. See text behind the cut. A few people, including myself, dropped the reviewer an e-mail. What do you know? A critic with thin skin? The Taylor-hater dropped us back a pretty indignant e-mail (also behind the cut). Gosh, don’t you people feel compelled to send this dick a note or two expressing your OPINIONS??? Come on, give it a try….it feels good! The reviewer’s e-mail address, as you can see, was at the end of the original review, sort of inviting a response…

    Hicks’ hysterics mar impressive Idol show
    By Christopher John Treacy
    Friday, July 7, 2006

    Taylor Hicks needs to chill out.

    Making a ridiculously grandiose entrance at the Verizon Wireless Arena, he came bucking and snorting from the back of the house and worked his way through the crowd like a bull released from captivity.

    Singing Elvis Presley’s ‘‘Jailhouse Rock,” he seemed like a desperate-to-please Vegas act instead of a newly crowned American Idol. His career may be over before it’s really started.

    Hicks carelessly botched Bob Seger’s ‘‘Hollywood Nights,” barking out incomplete lines and oversinging to the point where his voice cracked. His perpetual conniption fit continued through an oldies set that included his single, ‘‘Do I Make You Proud?”

    This came as a clunker ending to a surprisingly enjoyable show featuring nine of the finalists from the recently concluded 2006 season of ‘‘American Idol.” Their tour, sponsored (with unintentional irony) by Pop Tarts, opened with shows Wednesday and last night in Mancester, N.H., before moving to the DCU Center in Worcester tonight and tomorrow.

    Hicks’ co-finalist, Katharine McPhee, was a no-show due to laryngitis, while the absence of Kevin ‘‘Chicken Little” Covais and Melissa McGhee went unexplained. But the other ‘‘Idol” finalists didn’t waste the chance to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

    Antioch, Tenn.’s Mandisa opened in impressive diva style with Chaka Khan’s ‘‘I’m Every Woman” and quoted scripture before waxing spiritual with R. Kelly’s ‘‘I’m Your Angel.”

    Ace Young crooned George Michael’s ‘‘Father Figure,” sprinkling the performance with his trademark sexy falsetto. He exuded rock ’n’ roll charm on Maroon 5’s ‘‘Harder to Breathe” and elicited an appreciative swoon from the many young women in the crowd when he removed his jacket.

    Sixteen-year-old Lisa Tucker skillfully accompanied herself on electric piano for a pair of Elton John tunes: Her version of ‘‘Someone Saved My Life Tonight” resonated with some depth. When little Paris Bennett joined her for TLC’s ‘‘Waterfalls,” it became evident that Tucker could have been a contender had she not been ousted quite so soon.

    Bennett’s own set was overly ambitious. She lacked the control and timing to pull off Beyonce’s frantic ‘‘Crazy in Love.”

    Cowpokey Bucky Covington brought unexpected power to Stevie Wonder’s ‘‘Superstition,” and thoughhe couldn’t carry the spirit of Dobie Gray’s ‘‘Drift Away,” he held his own with Kellie Pickler on the ‘‘Grease” favorite ‘‘You’re the One That I Want.”

    Though the night’s fashion choices were disappointingly low-key, Pickler looked sexy in a black leather ensemble. Her electrified ‘‘Walking after Midnight” worked well and the down-home girl proved genuinely amusing telling a story about her face swelling up after a recent dental debacle.

    Chris Daughtry opened the second half by upping the testosterone factor with Led Zeppelin’s ‘‘Whole Lotta Love,” Bon Jovi’s ‘‘Wanted: Dead or Alive” and the Styx classic ‘‘Renegade.” He’s rock-star material, plain and simple.

    The late Luther Vandross would’ve loved the way second runner-up Elliott Yamin nailed his ‘‘Never Too Much.”

    After separate songs from the collective males and females, Hicks finished with his regrettable over-the-top antics. Maybe he’ll pull his act together in the coming weeks. Even a wedding singer is allowed opening-night jitters.

    American Idols Live! At the Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, N.H., Wednesday night.


    This is the text of the responsive e-mail:

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Chris Treacy
    To: rmbh@localnet.com ; BillieWS@aol.com ; lnp51581@yahoo.com ; lisawriter@msn.com ; ardnian@gmail.com ; pacomarj@yahoo.com ; cateye36@yahoo.com ; Mbpfla@aol.com ; Justalady21@alltel.net
    Sent: Friday, July 07, 2006 2:44 AM
    Subject: Get a Grip, folks…

    I’m far too busy to really stop my life and deal with this, but there were enough of you that I thought perhaps I should take a few moments and respond.

    1. If you all think that your opinions about pop music are so relevant, why not try and do what I do for a living, hmm? You’ll find that it’s not nearly as simple as spouting off whatever drivol runs freely in your head, but that – indeed – you must cough up strong (not wishy-washy or fence-sitting) opinions and speak with authority. Giving an entertainer like Taylor Hicks a ‘pass’ just because some sappy quotient of America likes him is not what music criticism is about.

    2. There is an editing process in this thing called journalism, and 90% of the time the writer has absolutely nothing to do with it. My editor is a pretty ‘hip’ guy for a 60 year old suburbanite – but I have absolutely no control over what happens to my pieces after they’ve left my hands. Case in point? The minute detail that all of you pointed out about only the top 10 touring – so fucking what? Seems like you’re all grasping at straws to try and make me look bad. Does that change anything about the critical slant of the review? True, it’s a detail that got botched – but not a partcularly relevant one (and not by me – by my editor…whether you believe it or not I really don’t care, but the original piece didn’t say anything about Covais, McGee, or use the word ‘co-finalist’ – those are all later additions that happened once the piece was out of my hands. This is what happens when people think they know better than the author, like yourselves.)

    3. American Idols, on the whole, are ENTERTAINERS. They are not artists. Joni Mitchell is an artist. Tori Amos is an artist. Thom Yorke of Radiohead is an artist. Barbara Streisand is an entertainer. Tina Turner is an entertianer. Entertainers can be great, and some of them actually are good enough to straddle the line between entertaining and artistry (they transcend the entertainer shtick). But no matter how you slice it, entertainers just don’t hold as much weight in the musical world as artists do. Not should they.

    The point of the review was that Hicks didn’t do a good job of entertaining the other night. He was overexcited, messy, and spastic. But I have no personal vendetta with the guy. Sure, I may have gotten a good chuckle writing some of the things I did, but that’s only because his performace was laughable. The amount of hostility coming from your emails reeks of ‘thou doth protest too much’ – who are you trying to convinve of Hicks’ worth? Me? Or yourselves?!

    4. This isn’t about making friends, shaking hands, and/or kissing babies. I’m not here to write things that make you feel good, rub you the right way, validate your opinions, etc. I’m a freelance music critic and have managed to stay afloat basically as a writing contractor (NOT a Herald employee as someone pointed out) because people believe in me and, for one reason or another, think my opinions are well informed. I’ve written about rock and roll regularly for The Phoenix, Stuff@Night, Hartford Advocate, Bay Windows, In Newsweekly (where I’m the senior music critic and have a regular column), Boulder Weekly, Colorado Indie Weekly, Orlando Weekly, Nashville Scene – and on.

    Since some of you went so far as to bring my education into this matter (my God – who DO you think you are?) I will say this – the problem with a lot of journalists masquerading as critics these dyas is that they went to school for journalism, but have no understanding of pop culture. Just because you can write in ‘journalese’ doesn’t make you a well informed critic. But going to school for communication theory and media crit, as I did, can help.

    There is a big difference between being a reporter and being a critic. A reporter reports the news – colorless, by the book, and without opionated slants that might get them in trouble since they’re liable to lawsuits (God forbid they might express an actual thought of their own).

    It sounds like all of you think you’d make wonderful, well informed critics and that I should become a repoter.

    Then why is it that I’m getting published and you’re not?

    Look, what I do isn’t easy – sometimes I have to write a review in 20 minutes and submit it from the venue before a concert is even over (no, this was not the case at Idol). I do it because I love music (and musical artists) and because (maybe) I have a way with words. You think I make the big bucks doing this? Hot flashes for all of you!

    Let’s face it – my review pissed you all off because, simply, you disagree with me. That’s fine. But the buck stops there. So – unless you’ve got something truly riveting to say, why not leave my job to me.

    I certainly don’t tell you how to do yours, nor would I pretend to just because you did something at work that I disagreed with.

    I will not engage in any further dialogue with any of you on this matter – blow hot air if you must, but this conversation is over. Really.

    By the way – in case I haven’t made myself clear – media critics don’t make names for themselves by being nice and pliable.

    You’ll all remember my name, right? Well – there it is.


    PS. To the gal who’s going to use my writing to line the bottom of her rodent cage – do whatever gives you a perverse thrill…but The Globe is really much more absorbent.


  20. idolAddict_NW says:

    hwc: Maybe that’s the difference vis a vis Hollywood Nights. I was a big fan of the song, so the fact that Taylor completely changed the melody line during the verses threw me off immediately. Instead of singing the melody line he did sort of a 3 note up and down melody of his own. I would have preferred to hear him sing the actual song. But that is one of the few times I haven’t really loved his changes to a song. I will probably get used to it if I listen to it more.

  21. idolAddict_NW says:

    Hi, Dana:
    I’m on that site listening in right now. I can’t quite tell from their home page what the deal is. They say they’ll be broadcasting live from the arena 4-7pm EST. That’s before the concert, so that makes me wonder if they’re not just doing their regular playlist from a booth at the concert hall but won’t actualy be broadcasting the concert. I’ve been listening but so far have heard anything but the usual lite radio staton music.

  22. Lab says:

    Wow! Dana! I had not heard that it was being broadcast tonight. Thank you!!!!!

  23. Jon says:

    First, I’d like to say that I’m a huge Taylor Hicks fan.

    I’ve been posting for a while now on various fansites about Taylor’s habit of cutting verses short on songs, shoutouts at inappropriate times and getting over hyped during his live performances post Idol. This has been a common occurence on just about every live appearance to date since the end of AI. I’ve gotten nothing but criticism for saying this, so it’s nice to hear many other folks on this thread starting to notice this trend.

    I so bad want Taylor to succeed because I know he’s true musician with a real love for the music but all of these things need to change, they take away from the flow of the music IMO. To be successfull long term Taylor has to attract new fans, by continuing this trend he’s going to have a hard time doing that, therefore just playing into the hands of his detractors, those who say he’s just a spaz.

    I’m not sure that inexperience is the reason for these flaws, remember Taylor has been playing live constantly for the past ten years, he’s supposed to be the most experienced of all the Idols.

  24. Dana says:

    Sorry if this has been posted before or if this is the wrong place/thread but I wanted to let you guys know a Worchester radio station is supposedly broadcasting from tonight’s concert:


  25. janibeth says:

    ElvisBabe, Thanks for the video link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/c4z7jo

    It’d be great to have mp3’s of all Taylor’s songs too…for those of us who don’t have video iPods, but want to take Taylor along for the ride….

    Anyone out there with the capability?

    By the way…appreciated the mp3 of Hollywood Nights…whoever was responsible for it. Thanks!

  26. hwc says:

    I’ve never been a Seger fan, either. Don’t own any of his records or CDs. I’m sure I’ve heard Hollywood Nights on the radio way back when, but I really approached it cold Wednesday night. I had looked at the lyrics and saw instantly why Taylor would have picked this song. I actually have perverse thought that he may have chosen it for his duet with Katharine.

    BTW, Taylor was all business on this song. Singing and playing guitar in the band.

  27. Phandi says:

    Okay, so is anyone going to do a PBP on tonight’s concert in Worcester? Or, even better, some more color commentary?
    There’s always something new, right? So it’s okay to want more, more, more, MORE ???

    BTW, hwc, I am so grateful for your comments. Your knowledge about music, muscians, arena/concert events is so very helpful…and I so respect your very grounded opinions/comments about TH and the others as well. Thank you very much! Are you going to any future AI concerts? (I hope?)
    I want to say that altho the sound quality of the vid is not great, I very much appreciated Hollywood Nights…as one of the apparently few people who never heard of this song (cringes, ducks), I first listened to a Bob Seger audio of it, then to Taylor’s. Have to confess I was unable to listen to Seger’s right thru to the end…(sacrilege, I know)…just got kind of bored. Not so with Taylor’s. Major rock ‘n soul going on there!! Yesss. This is NOT American Idol, for sure!

  28. hwc says:

    On guitar solos: ALL of the guitar solos in the show are done by the guitarist in the band. I’ve got to look up his name because he really deserves credit. Taylor played rythym guitar on a sunburst Strat for the entire song. Looked like an “American Standard Strat” from the pictures — a fairly pricey new toy (maybe $1000), although not as expensive as that red hollow body Gibson he used on the Beatles song. I’d have to go check, but just from memory, I think that one is probably closer to 2 grand.

    I did notice that Taylor flubbed a lyric: Keep in mind that this was opening night, HIS first arena concert appearance. He had just made his entrance through the hall, made it to the stage, grabbed a guitar and jumped into this song. The place was going nuts. I’m sure that it was an overwhelming, adrenaline-filled moment for him. It was pretty amazing just to be watching it.

    BTW, to give you an idea of the intensity of this song live, I remember thinking, “Jeez, he’s trying to out DAUGHTRY DAUGHTRY on this one!”

  29. rabbit says:

    How much do I appreciate cool computer literate people? So much. I could never find this stuff. Was there a video clip of Hollywood Nights that I missed somewhere, or just the mp3?

  30. krusty says:

    I just listened to HN again. Last time I was sitting right underneath my speakers, so I moved further way this time. It made a big difference. It’s still really tinny but WOW…Yup, it has definitely passed the official Krusty Groove test. I re-read the posts and I am assuming that is Taylor and the Stratocaster at the very end? DAYMN! That was HOT. Please forgive my use of caps. Taylor is a ROCKER BABY!

    It just gets betta and betta! 🙂

  31. hwc says:

    >> Has anyone listened to the mp3 of Hollywood Nights yet? Hwc, I’d like to see what you think of it after listening to it.


    Thanks! I hadn’t found the link for that one!

    Fantastic. No wonder I thought it sounded like Springsteen…. No wonder I thought it was a side of Taylor that I had never heard — straight ahead full-bore, guns blazing rock.

    I loved it live. And, although this MP3 is utterly wretched from a sonic standpoint, I can see why I loved it. To give you some perspective, the drums, starting in the very opening of the song, are huge cannon shots exploding in the arena. The guitars are searing. This was a very loud, full-tilt rocker with a hard-drivin’ rock vocal. Pure rock star with a sunburst Stratocaster.

    This was a perfect song to say, “this is not American Idol”. Remember, this is the first time that America sees Taylor as a both a musician and rocker.

  32. ElvisBabeGoTaylor says:

    Here is a good video of Taking it to the streets.

    Sorry about the first one.

    Good Video Sendspace Download Link:

    Name: Taylor Hicks Concert Tour NH Taking it to the streets 2006-07-07-14.44.wmv
    Size: 12MB

    The download link is: http://www.sendspace.com/file/c4z7jo

  33. ElvisBabeGoTaylor says:

    Don’t download my sendspace link. It is screwed up. WIll replace it.

  34. bjewel says:

    Carol, THANKS for this:


    version of Heart and Soul (Blues and Soul) by Taylor…excellent!

  35. Margaux says:

    Idol Addict — thank you for the HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS link. It did sound better live, not sure if the MP3 quality is to blame. I agree it’s not the best vocal performance of what we’ve heard.

    This song is immediately after the JAILHOUSE ROCK grand entry, so it’s there to keep the energy working, keep us on our feet with a tune everyone knows, one that fits in well with the American Idol agenda of “Have these cute kids sing songs that the parents who buy the tickets know and like”, but containing lyrical shoutouts to the Soul Patrol about what was going on for Taylor during the past several months.

  36. krusty says:

    I didn’t understand half of what Taylor sang on HN either. But I love it anyway! LOL Of course it doesn’t help HN is one of my all-time drive-100-mph-on-the-freeway favorite songs. So of course I was psyched when I heard he did it.

    He really should enunicate more on that song though. The sound quality was awful so I’m sure that didn’t help matters anyway. But the energy was OFF THE CHARTS!

    Does anyone know who did the guitar solo at the end? Was it Taylor or a band member? Whoever it was was HOT. He really needs to adopt this band. They are sizzle “tsss” hot!

    Every song I hear makes my concert-itis worse!

  37. janibeth says:

    Eureeka! (sp?) It finally worked! Downloading now.

  38. Taygerl says:

    Thanks so much! DUH! I didn’t know about entering the code.
    I’m just loving all the videos and mp3’s!!

  39. janibeth says:

    Thanks. I’ve downloaded from megaupload before and I know the routine…enter the 3 letters, wait, close the pop-up ad, “download loading”…….and then I keep getting the “this page cannot be found” page instead of the download. I’ll keep trying.

  40. idolAddict_NW says:

    janibeth: Sorry. I had no problems getting it the first time. I don’t have any other links. Let me know if you get it.

  41. janibeth says:

    I’ve tried the megaupload link several times, and at the critical “loading download” point, it goes to the “this file cannot be found” page. Frustrating!

  42. Niwind says:

    Delurking for a moment……

    So I’m sitting here listening to Sam Cooke Live: The Harlem Square Club (Which is an incredible live album, especially You Send Me/Bring It Home To Me. If you do not have it go buy it. Seriously.) and reading about the concert. There is something about listening to Sam Cooke live that recognizes that same intensity that Taylor has when he’s raw and unleashed. In fact there is a quote from the liner notes of Sam’s CD that is a perfect description of Taylor live and when he’s having fun.

    “When he was really in he bag,” says J.W. Alexander, Cooke’s long-time friend and business partner, “you know, when he was really having fun, he could work, he could like drive the women into a frenzy. It was almost like a sex act, like he was beating up on them to get an o*****.”

    Yup. lol Also in the liner notes that describes both performers pretty accurately.

    “This is what you get on this record, too, an audience that is as frenzied a part of the show as the show itself, a sense on the part of the entertainment that he can do what he wants with them, that he is home free.”

    Just wanted to share.

  43. idolAddict_NW says:

    Taygerl: in the upper right corner you should see either a number countdown (45 seconds, etc) or a box to enter a code. If it asks you for a code, the code is right next to it, something like “FLX”. Just type it in. It’s a security thing. Then the countdown should start.

    Once the countdown reaches 0 it will give you a link to download.

  44. Taygerl says:

    IdoladdictNW wrote:
    Here’s the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IDT2TMKA
    I got this from taylormadeonline

    OK, I am so download impaired! I got the megaupload screen with the filename etc, but I don’t see where I am supposed to click to actually download the file? Do I have to register for an account or something in order to download the mp3?

  45. cm says:

    Well, I wrote this a good while back & it never posted, so here I go again 🙂

    I cannot find the videos on Taylormadeonline.org mentioned earlier…I have a password and am signed on, but can’t even find any blogs, or anything to even click on to get anywhere to see anything. I’ve been on that sight before, but I’ve tried 4-5 times today with no avail. Perhaps those latest 2 videos w/Taylor will ‘oooch’ their way over to the “Boogie” site soon!?!

    On the dropped last word discussion…it is an ingrained habit of so many instrumentalists who sing/play at the same time, especially guitar players. I’ve been a singer & around musicians for 55 years and have seen it a lot. He does definitely need a mike for his head…now whether or not it would be able to hold on while he is doing his dancing/harmonica playing is another scenario 🙂

    Also, were there any positive news articles coming out of the Boston area papers? The one @ the Herald was so 100% biased…man, you’d think he was an “ex” wife….ha!! I wrote a suggestion to the Herald that their journalists at least find one or 2 positive morsels for someone they are so negative about. I know that had to tug @ Taylor’s ole heart strings, as that is the main Boston paper & I’m sure all the AI crew were just waiting w/baited breath to read it yesterday a.m. when they arose. It made me hurt for him. Perhaps someone advised him not to read it. However, I know he is mature and wise, but that article was hurtful and totally clouded by some hidden agenda!

    I’ve GOT to get back to my paying job…it is So hard to do so during this time of our ‘taylorized lives’…..AMEN!

  46. Phoebe says:

    Margaux’s comment reflected my thoughts as I watched the videos for the second time: I hope that someone close to Taylor — on tour, or in his family – will mention some of the weaknesses evident in concert. I’m not sure Taylor is the type of performer who would want (or would even sit still) to watch his performances. I suspect most artists don’t. I don’t know in what way he may have critiqued himself through the AI contest, but that’s over. Can’t recall in what interview he said it, but post-win Taylor responded to the many critics of his ‘moves’ by saying, in effect, that’s me and if they don’t like it they don’t have to watch. How steadfast and pervasive that attitude may be remains to be seen.

    The behavior of pulling and jerking away from the microphone at the end of a phrase so you can’t hear the words, and dropping key words entirely, seems to be fairly consistent when he plays guitar. He did it at Provo for “The Deal”. When it happens a lot, it does affect the impact of the song, its rhythm, the flow. If you’re such a fan that you don’t care if you ‘get’ all the words, that seeing Taylor perform live and all that goes with it is enough (and it’s a lot) then you’re happy. You go home and put on his studio recording where this doesn’t happen. But if the music, the song, is an integral part of it for you, it can be frustrating and even distracting when certain words can’t be heard at all and others are just dropped. I’m not talking about artistic interpretation here. This is a different experience than listening to an artist who may be known for being nearly unintelligible in his lyrics delivery (I won’t name names). I’m one of those who happens to be really bothered by this ‘habit’ of Taylor’s, but given everything I’ve seen since January, I am also confident that he will work it out, that it’s likely he will work it all out.

    Having said that, a lot of criticisms I’m reading about his tour performance are in reaction to what I believe are conscious choices in playing successfully to a crowd of 10 to 20K people which are mostly AI afficianados, including pacing and bounding back and forth the full length of the stage. Watch as he pauses at the edge of the stage, looks up and out to the crowd, often points, acknowledging those in the dark and letting them get their good look and photographs. He goes to the other end and repeats. And again. This is not exactly unusual pop-rock concert behavior. And the TIttS finale/encore? Appropriate, off the hook, and meant to be in my opinion. Watch again his performance of “Taking It…” at Provo: Much bigger venue, same Taylor, but very different performance, and with good reason.

    I disagree with those who say that slower songs, ballads, would not work in the large venues with an AI audience (‘Patience’ worked, for example, and DIMYP is also of that category). I’d like to think Taylor’s song choices for the tour have more to do with the audience momentum that he knows he creates and the restriction of the placement and time allotted for his no-break set. He is one of 9 performers in a ‘showcase’, and just prior to him was to be Katharine for maybe 4 or 5 songs. She is a very different ‘act’ both in style and emotional effect on an audience. Taylor is professional and experienced enough to consider the effectiveness of his song choice, sequence and arrangement within the context of a larger event that’s pretty tightly structured. On this one I think he hit out of the park.

  47. idolAddict_NW says:

    Has anyone listened to the mp3 of Hollywood Nights yet? Hwc, I’d like to see what you think of it after listening to it.

    My least favorite so far. I loved the way he changed up Don’t Let Me Down but on this one the melody line on the verses is so altered I hardly recognized the song. Also, it seemed (on the mp3) to be sort of screamy/oversung. Too bad — I was looking forward to this one. I’m sure it gives a much better impression live or on vid as opposed to an mp3.

    Here’s the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IDT2TMKA
    I got this from taylormadeonline

  48. Karen says:

    Ok, krusty… with your “my favorite moment”, you’ve given me another excuse to go back and watch again!

    Thanks a bunch!

  49. krusty says:

    I am such a fool. Here I am watching those dang videos again and SCREAMING in my office (at home mind you) dancing my butt off as if I were at the concert. Daymn is that band TIGHT. Dag Nab It, Taylor Hicks! You’re Killin’ this respectible not-quite-middle aged woman! Yes pc325, I want this seared indelibly into my brain for all eternity! People will say, “you know, she was never quite the same after she saw that Taylor Hicks concert video. I just don’t understand…” and meanwhile, there I’ll be, with a permanent goofy smile and a spring in my step only a true SP’er can understand 🙂 MORE MORE MORE!

    P.S. My favorite moment in the DLMD video is about 3/4 way through. He stands back against the wall during the instrumentals, and just as there is a slight pause in the music, he perks up those eyebrows with a teaser smirk and comes back down with the beat and on with the song. Now that is a man relishing every moment!

  50. pc325 says:

    Is 40-something too old for fangirly? Too late…I’m fangirly. I like what Lakeside said up-thread there about him putting the biggest grin on your face. It is so much fun to watch him having so much fun! Great start to a day!

    My son, who is going with me to the concert, doesn’t get why I’m watching videos of what we’re going to see in August. He wondered why I don’t want to be surprised. I want it seared indelibly into my brain.

  51. Shandykat says:

    “Is it just me or in DLMD does Taylor look right into MJ’s (I think) camera and smiles as if he knows we’d all be watching this, LOL?”

    Totally! I saw that too. And he plays up to it a bit too 🙂 little devil..

  52. Dana says:

    Is it just me or in DLMD does Taylor look right into MJ’s (I think) camera and smiles as if he knows we’d all be watching this, LOL?

    I LOVED the arrangement, finally got ELO out of my head. I don’t mind the “cut offs.” I find them endearingly dramatic. “Don’t let me…” fill in the blank. Hee. Seriously, I find a lot of people who overpower especially at the end, and that bothers me more than a subtle fade out, but that’s just me. Love how happy and excited Taylor looked during the band’s musical interlude. He seemed genuinely so proud of and impressed by them, and again, you really can tell it is all about the music for him/

    Takin it to the Streets for me was exactly what one going to an American Idol concert because they were a fan of the show would expect and want. So I think he more than delivered.

    And I LOVE Patience. I don’t know if this will go away once Katharine returns assuming she does, but I hope they find room to fit it in even if she does. The original is a classic to me, but I have to say, the guys did an amazing job and I’d love to see it in person.

  53. Karen says:

    I just LOVE the “Taylor facial expressions” – they’re ALL here…the pursed lips, the straightening of the neck – the quick grin…

    He’s definitely got his groove on…

  54. Kathop says:

    The energy and the wonder of Taylor Hicks…he is such a performer…he knows when to just roll with it …he never looks staged!!

    The white jacket and the guitar to match…can hardly wait for Seattle’s turn…they will be so tired by then…but I bet he is still going strong!!

    Taylor is using every moment!!

  55. hwc says:

    “Thank you, hwc. I’m sure it helps to see his entire set in context. ”


    Hey, it helps me to see the videos. He threw down four “new” songs in a row — Hollywood Nights, Sweet Soul Music, What’s Going On, and Don’t Bring Me Down — to start his set. So it was more than I could fully digest in the live show.

    I’m hoping somebody captures Hollywood Nights. I’m not one of those Elvis comparison fanatics, but this song struck me as Taylor’s most “Elvis like” stage presence. Very charismatic.

    It was also a side of Taylor that I had not really seen before — Stratocaster slung over his shoulder playing straight-up classic rock as the lead singer in a band. It had a real Springsteen vibe to me.

  56. Meggie says:

    The videos are AWESOME!!! I love the “Star Trek” door Taylor goes in and out of. If I don’t get AI tickets, I might have to end it all. Death by cheesecake doesn’t sound all that bad. 😉

  57. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    It’s really hard to judge fairly from the videos since they’re not optimal quality or sound (these posted are probably the best I’ve seen so far and thanks to Krunkgroovy). Plus it’s all taken out of context of the entire experience and performance. In large arena type venues the sound almost always sucks and the audience almost always interferes. The venue is as much an instrument as anything and you can’t get good sound out of a lousy instrument. (shoestrings notwithstanding)

    I’ll start with Patience. I loved it and wouldn’t mind having a recording of this by the boys. I liked the beginning (sans the screaming) more than the ending, though, when they got into their ‘big’ voices. These guys really harmonize well together.

    My impression of Taylor is that he extracts his energy and plays off the audience. It must be hard trying to get over the screaming. I love the arangement of Don’t Let Me Down. I do have a problem with his dropping of words in the lyrics and jumping off headlong into the music. II want the vocals and I want to hear all the lyrics. It comes across as rushing. I want to savor the words. I’ve also been thinking that Taylor really needs a headset mic.

    TITTS was the encore and was appropriately pull out all the stops and leave
    – The Boston Herald reporter was pretty over the top on the mean scale and also on over praising the others to further highlight his put downs. He threw in a Paris dig to give the appearance that maybe he wasn’t being biased. It didn’t work.

    Taygerl: Thanks for the link to Mary Colurso’s article on Gray Charles and Lamont & Ray. I particularly liked the following.

    Reflecting on the fish frenzy, Vessels said he “had the audacity to think that, by creating animated Lamont and Ray characters, he could help motivate Taylor’s fans. Actually, they needed no additional motivation, perhaps instead sedatives.”

    No kidding!

    (Denali, thanks for the download)

  58. idolAddict_NW says:

    Have you all seen this one? It’s from opening night, the ‘Living in America” encore with Taylor. Also their final bows:

    It is from an Elliot fan site.

  59. Julie says:

    That is one fine rendition of “Don’t Let Me Down”. Love seeing him play guitar (and such a COOL guitar at that!) and the arrangement is so nice. I think his dropping the last word is just a THING…I’ve seen lots of other singers do that live. It’s just the way it works out sometimes. I couldn’t care less, the song sounds great.

    And TITTS with that nice harmonica feedback part…so good…I just wish the person filming had un-zoomed during the dancing parts. I missed seeing the windup dance cause the camera was focused on his face. Well, okay, I’m not complaining…

    I keep thinking how much that band must appreciate playing with Taylor. I get the feeling he is one of the few Idols who knows how to work WITH a band. It must be refreshing.

    Bring on more videos! I think we can handle them…?

  60. Cali50 says:

    OK, I’m supposed to be going shopping, picking up movie tickets, doing a little cleaning up and I can’t seem to pull myself away from this computer! How many times have I watched DLMD? I don’t know but each time is like the first time. It hasn’t gotten old yet!

  61. Lisa says:

    I noticed Taylor dropping the last word back on “Use Me” in the live recordings….The best songs are the ones where de does this. The ones he is most into, IMO.

    : (

    That said, Those vids are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooo!!!!!!

    Every time watching him is like the first time!

  62. Shandykat says:

    Thank you, hwc. I’m sure it helps to see his entire set in context.

    I’ve got to find a way into this concert!

  63. JaxNative says:

    Arghhhhhhh I am at work with no sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank You ALL!!!!! I cannot wait to get home!!!

    Soulllllllllllll Patrolllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!

  64. Amy says:

    Amazing videos…I won’t be THIS close tomorrow night in Worcester but I hope to experience all that is Taylor (before passing out!). Thanks for sharing these with us!

  65. idolAddict_NW says:

    Love your additions, hwc! I’m selfishly so happy that you saw this live and have given us so much detailed feedback on the show and now the vids. Thanks!

  66. CloudNine says:

    Denali . . . And from the bottom of my heart, I too thank you sooooo very very much since I am unable to download any Gofish video. Bless you, bless you, bless you, you dear sweet thoughtful kind and considerate one.

  67. hwc says:

    >> And sometimes he’s just possessed, and he certainly seemed to be at the end of TITTS, maybe there’s nothing that can be done

    The point of a great rave-up encore song is to create the illusion of being “possessed”. You want to send the crowd home believing that they have seen the one special night when lightning bolts from the gods and the best-ever crowd you are part of has energized the performer like no other night, ever. Rock n’ roll is a bit like the Wizard of Oz that way. I hate going backstage at rock concert because seeing the little man behind the curtain spoils the illusion.

    To put TI2TS in context, Taylor had already left the stage. This was his encore. He played it perfectly — like a roller coaster ride. The first half of the song was delivered straight — a nice long slow pull up to the top of the launch hill. From the moment Taylor reached the top of the ramp above the band, all hell broke loose as the coaster shoots straight down, zooms through a couple of loop de loops, and turns upside down. It went from organ groove to Taylor at the highest point of the stage, full-spotlights on him, bent over wailing the vocal (crowd is going nuts). Sing his way down platform and immediately into the harp solo (crowd is going nuts — I think that’s the first time he’s broken out the harp.). Then, immediately into the James Brown-style exit. While this is all going on, the band is absolutely smoking at full-tilt. This drummer plays with sledge-hammers — he can put down a beat.

    As for the tamourine part being really short — it’s a little “memory” of a previous song. Taylor does the “take you to church” thing with the band on Living for The City. If I recall, he pretty much beats himself silly with the tambourine in the earlier song.

    Plus that little tambourine quick jumping sequence with the drummer as he exits in TI2TS is a classic soul move. I’m pretty sure that’s an Otis Redding move. I’ll have to break out my Live at Monterrey Pop DVD again and look.

  68. rabbit says:

    Great videos – thanks for having them available!! Now this, folks, is a FRIDAY.

  69. Karen says:


    I am even thanking you before I go look – sort of like saving dessert for last!

    Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. daunchan says:

    taylormadeonline dot org
    I had the same problem

  71. Denali says:

    Don’t Let Me Down on Sendspace


    I’ll do the others when I get home from work…gotta run!

  72. Robin4T says:

    Well, I guess you anticipated my question idolAddict. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  73. Robin4T says:

    idolAddict: Do you have the link / web address for “taylormadeonline” that you mention above as having videos? I tried putting in the site name you gave followed by dot com and did not find it.

  74. idolAddict_NW says:

    They might be on IdolForums, but the place I got them is Taylormadeonline dot org. You have to register there to get to the media part of the forums. There’s a section called ‘AI Tour Media’ and they are in there.

    I don’t know if Ash minds us posting stuff like this. Hope not.

  75. Karen says:

    OK, I did the whole register thing on Idol Forums – I’m not finding the videos of Taylor that I can’t open on GoFish…where are they please?

  76. krusty says:

    I had a few moments to contemplate now and I’ve come to this simple conclusion:

    Taylor’s biggest job right now is to create EXCITEMENT about himself.

    It’s not to be technically perfect, or put on a beefcake show, it’s to entertain and get people of all ages EXCITED about HIM. The best thing he could possibly do at this point is instill a yearning for more, in fans and non-fans. Get them revved up and wondering what he’s going to do next, pleading for more.

    What is your favorite concert: the one that you left screaming and fired up, begging for more, or the one you endured with technical perfection but kept looking at your watch the whole time?

    Taylor is doing a GREAT job. And there is no sense worrying about how many screams Chris gets. The world is plenty big enough for the two of them and the competition is OVER. Don’t know about y’all, but I’m enjoyin’ the ride! 🙂

  77. Shandykat says:

    As usual, y’all put my thoughts into words so much better than I do!

  78. Karen says:

    Just saw this review of a Carrie Underwood concert in North Carolina – excerpt here for obvious reasons:

    As she made her final exit from the stage, a throng of fans surged forward, and Underwood shook as many hands and signed as many autographs as time would allow.

    For those who didn’t get to interact with her at the side of the stage, Underwood then walked out to the lobby, where anyone who wanted to could get an autograph and pose for a picture.

    Underwood obviously understands why she is where she is and who is responsible, and in return she feels the need to give back to the fans who made her famous.

    If only more entertainers were that appreciative.


    It’s just too bad that Taylor’s not safe to do this – wouldn’t it be wonderful, but wouldn’t it be scary?

  79. idolAddict_NW says:

    Geez, what the heck happened? In my post above the paragraphs got all rearranged. Arg! Wish I could edit but since I can’t I’ll have to repost. Ash, you can delete my post above.

    As I suspected, Don’t Let Me Down goes right to the top of my fav Taylor songs. He does it very “Cocker” and I love the soulful faces and vibe his is in. No, let me rephrase that. I FREAKING ADORE the soulful faces and vibe he is in. It’s so great with the song.

    Seeing this live vid is an incredible treat (neigh, gift from god) but dayum, I woulid love a studio version of this. No, wait, a full-bore TV performance (i.e. done ’small’, for the camera) and a studio version.

    I noticed on “The Deal” in Provo that when he’s playing guitar he has a tendency to back away from the mic too soon at the end of his lines and the last word or two gets cut off. I hope he will notice this himself watching it back and auto-correct. It’s hard, Tay, because, man, talk about *hanging on your every word*. Oh, yeah, and I would have liked this song to be LONGER. But these things are polishing the gold, folks. This song is fantastic. No small feat to take a song as famous as this and make it your own and boy, does he. Like I said, Taylor on this song is pure Soulman and I want MORE!

    Besenji — As for TI2TS, I am one of those who think Taylor can get a wee bit over-the-top manic at times but, honestly, after watching this a couple of times, I didn’t get that vibe. I thought he actually seemed calmer and more low-key in the start of the song than I’d been imaging based on all the comments on his energy at the concerts (and by ‘lower key’ I mean that is a relieved kind of way — this is Taylor totally in control and confident). It didn’t get really hyper until the end when he came down off the ramp. But, hey, it was the final nbr and he gave the crowd a show. “I actually liked you, man, I really liked you.” I liked the harmonica, too. It’s hard to hear it well in that arena, but to me it was perfect with the song and quite excellent, as usual. Vocals on TI2TS were great.

    OK, off to watch JHR and DIMYP

  80. Thank you so much for these, they’re fantastic! He looks so happy. And he’s _such_ a fascinating performer, you just never know what he’ll be doing next.

  81. idolAddict_NW says:

    What a treat to wake up to VIDS! For those of you looking for downloadable copies, you can get them on taylormadeonline and she also has Jailhouse Rock and DIMYP.

    Now for the songs themselves. As I suspected, Don’t Let Me Down goes right to the top of my fav Taylor songs. He does it very “Cocker” and I love the soulful faces and vibe his is in. No, let me rephrase that. I FREAKING ADORE the soulful faces and vibe he is in. It’s so great with the song.

    Besenji — As for TI2TS, I am one of those who think Taylor can get a wee bit over-the-top manic at times but, honestly, after watching this a couple of times, I didn’t get that vibe. I thought he actually seemed calmer and more low-key in the start of the song than I’d been imaging based on all the comments on his energy at the concerts (and by ‘lower key’ I mean that is a relieved kind of way — this is Taylor totally in control and confident). It didn’t get really hyper until the end when he came down off the ramp. But, hey, it was the final nbr and he gave the crowd a show. “I actually liked you, man, I really liked you.” I liked the harmonica, too. It’s hard to hear it well in that arena, but to me it was perfect with the song and quite excellent, as usual. Vocals on TI2TS were great.

    OK, off to watch JHR and DIMYP

    Seeing this live vid is an incredible treat (neigh, gift from god) but dayum, I woulid love a studio version of this. No, wait, a full-bore TV performance (i.e. done ‘small’, for the camera) and a studio version.

    I noticed on “The Deal” in Provo that when he’s playing guitar he has a tendency to back away from the mic too soon at the end of his lines and the last word or two gets cut off. I hope he will notice this himself watching it back and auto-correct. It’s hard, Tay, because, man, talk about *hanging on your every word*. Oh, yeah, and I would have liked this song to be LONGER. But these things are polishing the gold, folks. This song is fantastic. No small feat to take a song as famous as this and make it your own and boy, does he. Like I said, Taylor on this song is pure Soulman and I want MORE!

    As for TI2TS…

  82. Clikee says:

    Thanks so much for the video links! As I was watching Don’t Let Me Down, I was also thinking, get the boy a headset! We’ve seen him pull words over and over again, it’s either a bad habit or simply the way Taylor feels it should be. For me, it makes the performance feel hurried.

    It was great to see Taylor once again with energy oozing out in his quirks and facial expressions as he did during his first audition and beginning performances on AI. Much prefer the concert performances as opposed to how cooked and polished some of the AI songs were. I like my Taylor raw.
    Now I’m feeling more and more enthusiastic about the concert.

  83. JazzLeavesHerNumber says:

    Lawdy! For the love of all that’s good! I started the morning off in a foul mood and now … MAGIC (snaps fingers). Instant sunshine. Like krusty said, I’ve got a smile on my face that’s stayin put. All after ONE viewing of DLMD. And you know what’s cool? I know in my heart that Lennon would love Taylor’s version, too.

  84. ivecompletelylostmymind says:

    Put a fork in me…..I’m done!!!!! Thank you so much for these! I have also asked, over and over again, what it is that is making me (and all of you) so crazy. After watching these, I don’t think we’ll ever figure it out, and quite frankly, don’t think I ever want to. Maybe it’s partly the mystery behind it all that’s making us this way?? Oh, and the smile…

    Anyway, I know what all you pick-a-parters are saying as well. But Taylor’s obvious joy and happiness at what he’s doing let’s me just get past all the details. Wouldn’t it be great to be THAT happy doing what you do??

    Happy, happy, happy…and waiting very impatiently to see this for myself at the end of August! =)

  85. Jena says:

    I have never EVER had a heart pounding experience watching video’s like I had watching these three. For those of you waiting until you see the real thing before watching the vids, I suggest you go ahead and watch.

    If just the video’s can make me feel like this, I’m afraid I would have missed the total experience on Aug. 3 out of sheer “excitation overload”. Haven’t you ever had a FANTASTIC experience, but later couldn’t remember any details because it was so overwhelming? I don’t want that to happen on Aug. 3! I want to savor every little second with Taylor! Thanks for the links Ash!!! Mwwwaaah!

  86. Basenji says:

    OK, good I’m not insane. I can sleep now…

  87. Shandykat says:

    Excellent post Basenji! I agree 100%! I can’t NOT pick things apart because he makes me so freakin’ happy! And I also I pick apart to keep me grounded with him. There has to be some flaws for me to remember he’s human…except in his case the flaws just make him even that much more adorable to me 😉

    “And the $64,000 question: why Taylor Hicks? why hasn’t anyone ever gotten me so bitch-slapping happy about music before?”

    Honey, I wish I knew. I’ve never found a musician before that makes me smile like he does.

  88. Shandykat says:

    Ok, after watching TITTS again I have to reassess.

    It’s the encore so like someone said before, he’s going to go full boar. It actually sounds fairly tight in the beginning of the song. I think it’s the walking back and forth across the stage that distracts me and makes me think of it as rambling and unfocused.

    I hope he records DLMD too! I definitely want to hear more like this!

  89. Squeebee says:

    LOVE the funky arrangement of DLMD! I agree with others, though, about cutting off the word “down”. I was a little disappointed at not getting the “full meal deal” in that sense.

    TI2TS was amazing, as usual. I think the thing that puts a smile on my face when I watch Taylor perform is that he is just having a blast! There is not an ounce of pretention in that boy; you can’t fake that kind of enthusiasm!

    Thanks again Ash, for finding these little nuggets to keep me going until the solo tour!

  90. Kristin says:

    I hope Taylor records DLMD for his album. For me, as a complete Beatlemaniac, it’s hard to hear any Beatles song by someone else and not compare it to the original that is always playing in the back of my mind. Fortunately (for me and Taylor!), this was not the case with DLMD! It sounded original and fresh and I never heard John Lennon’s voice playing over Taylor’s in my head. Please record it Taylor!!

    As for TI2TS, it was frenetic and upbeat and a great encore song. There is something about that song that connects when Taylor sings it. I wish the AI tour was coming close to me. I’ll just have to live vicariously through everyone here.

  91. playndixie says:

    DLMD is one FWS (full-wooo song)!!!! Can’t wait to hear it live at the Birmingham show and I hope it’s on his CD. Also, loved Taylor’s journey video at the same GoFish site with Van Morrison’s song “Into the Mystic” in the background. For those looking for Birmingham tickets, I found them yesterday through this site. $85 ea. for lower level. Happy-Happy


  92. Shandykat says:

    Wow! DLMD was an amazing arrangement. I’ve usually never like artists trying to redo arrangements on Beatles songs, but Taylor really has the midas touch with their music! Two for two, baby!

    I do agree with the dissapointment in cutting off the ends of songs. He does seem to have a tendency to do this live. I’m hoping as he gets used to things, and as he gets further away from the idol thing, he’ll refine things a bit.

    He also does seem to over sing TITTS a bit. I really thought his first performance of this song on idol was amazing, it’s gotten to be an over the top version of that. The dancing is awesome, and he knows that’s what people want to see, but it seems a bit … rambling.

    Overall though…very HOT! 🙂

    All in all, i’m thrilled!

  93. Basenji says:

    I’m starting to notice a subtle rift here. May I address it before I leave you for bed? One side seems to like to pick apart every little detail of Taylor’s performances and the other side wants to simply appreciate Taylor for doing his Taylor thing. Somehow the two sides think they have different goals, but I want to suggest that both sides are doing the same exact thing, we just go at it in different ways. “We are family, I’ve got all my sistahs with me…”

    I’m a “pick-a-parter” and I DO appreciate Taylor being Taylor and watch the videos over and over. Part of the pleasure I have in this whole journey (the journey of seeing Taylor SUCCEED!) is trying to hold up my own sensation to scrutiny: what is he doing that pleases me, what didn’t get me so hot? What can I learn about performing in general or music in general from what I see/hear? And the $64,000 question: why Taylor Hicks? why hasn’t anyone ever gotten me so bitch-slapping happy about music before? These questions are EXACTLY what makes me excited about Taylor. I’ve written this before, he excites both my major sets of ganglia (up and down). So, the questioning I do is a bit of cognitive porn, if you will. To me it is the same thing as examining his ass as his jumps up and down at the end of TITTS (I’m not made of stone). I don’t think to question is to dismiss him. They are just questions, to be answered (or not) by you guys.

    In the end I think we are all on the same page. I love BOTH kinds of comments: nuts and bolts (hwc’s analysis of harp acoustics and the music industry) and enthused WOO! I’M FREAKING OUT OF MY HEAD! (you know who you are). In my opinion, this site would be very drab if either aspect of Taylor’s effect on us was ignored. Taylor Hicks is truly inspiring and sexy and one of those rare people that can hold a multitude in his hand (be gentle, sir). I will watch every single freaking video you throw at me. And I look forward to picking him apart for many years to come. I love this place…I really really do.

  94. Carol says:

    So sorry … WZEW is a Mobile radio station … not Atlanta.

  95. Margaux says:

    Sorry if I gave the wrong impression — I don’t know anything about who’s got what videos. I was just saying that if you want to get a good idea of what two nights of Taylor has been like, the next song you need to see is WHAT’S GOING ON.

    Since I kept saying you need to see DLMD and it happened, I figure any word I can put out is only good.

  96. Carol says:

    Thanks to Meow from MJ’s for finding this great version of “Heart and Soul” on Atlanta’s WZEW 92.1 FM. I had not heard this one before – perhaps you haven’t either – very different than the UTR version. (Right click on Blues & Soul under Taylor’s picture to save MP3).


  97. NOLAgirl says:

    Oh this is hard! I told myself only pictures, no video! Let’s see if I can keep it up. 😉

  98. Brooke's Mom says:

    Thanks again to Ash for this website since I am too technically impaired to search for these videos. They are fantastic and this is beyond exciting to watch. There is a short AP article in the AJC (Atlanta) today about how excited Taylor is to be on a tour bus — old news — but he is quoted as saying “A tour bus with some good, cold iceberg lettuce is probably where I’m going to stay”. Just think that is adorable — just like him.

  99. hicksaholic says:

    When i click on DLMD i get the title and a blank where the video is supposed to be. Anybody know what can be wrong? TITTS works fine and so does PATIENCE. I’m really wanting to see DLMD!!!!!!!!!

  100. Taygerl says:

    To nick a phrase… WHOA NELLY!
    That’s some hot Taylor burning up the stage!
    I loved DLMD, but agree that he needs to stay closer to the mic for the ‘downs’- and I sure wish he’d done a longer version of this. But I loved the arrangement and his vocals. Seemed like a good ‘rest’ song to do in between his more frenzied numbers.
    TITTS was hot with the band! I think he should drop the tambourine- he doesn’t play it long enough to warrant the extra running around to pick it up. But it was another great performance, and I love how the crowd goes wild when he pulls out that harmonica!
    And who needs airconditioning when he starts windmilling that that? Could probably cool the whole place down with one song!
    Patience was fabulous. Wow. This has been the boys club all season long, and they are just cementing that with the tour. I love those guys- love how they’ve bonded, love that they are having such a blast up there singing with each other. Great harmonies and solos. And I’ve never gotten fangirly over Ace, but could really see how people do in this video.
    These are great quality videos, thanks so much!!

  101. Taygerl says:

    hey, thought you might be interested in this article- talks about the GC site


  102. krusty says:

    Look I’m so worked up I can’t stop–:)

    Is there any way we will ever be able to get MP3’s of the concert?

  103. Basenji says:

    When do we get the other songs? Margaux says we might get “What’s Going On”? Same source?

  104. krusty says:

    Just watched TI2TS again. THAT is how you end a show. The harp with the pounding drums was SA-WEET. I hope there is room to move in my area seat, ‘cuz my groove thang shook so hard it almost fell off-

  105. Karen says:

    OK, I am about to have a panic attack here – At work, the stupid IT gang has blocked Go Fish and You Tube, so when I click on the links above, I am getting, “BLOCKED – YOUR ORGANIZATION…blah, blah, blah.


    I just don’t think I can wait all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (pleading on knees…..)

  106. krusty says:


    (deep breath)–I loved the way he bluesed up DLMD. Perfectly upbeat for a large arena. If he slowed it down it would get lost in that venue. TI2TS was INCREDIBLE. I’ve spoiled myself with a sneek peek and now I’ll never make it a month to my concert. That Boston reviewer needs to have his head examined–

  107. Basenji says:

    double d: Backstreet Boys, good one.

    MK: I thought we could lose another button actually…

  108. aerinphil says:

    i’m with you MK–it’s all about the music..it’s all about the music..it’s all about the chest, i mean the music 🙂

  109. double d says:

    Y’all can have the Backstreet Boys….I dig Taylor being Taylor.


  110. MK says:

    Well, I already broken my Shelley-inspired pledge not to watch any tour videos before Louisville, although I’m just listening to a snippet of the song, so I’m not going to hop on the critic’s line. I want to watch Taylor’s fingering on his guitar, but for the love of God, button up your shirt so I can do that!

    Chant with me, it’s all about the music, it’s all about the music …

    This kind of reminds me of the Beatles deciding to stop touring because no one could hear the music anyway. What a loss. The Taylor Hicks Show with special guests will find its natural equilibrium and settle down. But, boy, you’re not helping us!!!!!

  111. Margaux says:

    And oh yes, Patience was beauteous. You can’t fake tight harmonies. Overall the male performances are the ones that will be remembered on this tour. I regret to say it because they are all talented, I enjoyed their sets, but with the possible exception of Kellie, who was quite hot last night, the women were in a different league than the men. Their medley in the second half was out of place in the Hicks-Daughtry-Yamin and Friends Rock and Soul Revue. If I were mixing it up the show, I’d put it at the end of the first half.

    I wonder how different the show will feel when Katherine comes back.

  112. Margaux says:

    I’m in love for the first time all over again. I knew there was a reason I was up this early.

    Let’s hope that Taylor is spending today watching the videos. Let’s hope he has good people with him to discuss what works and doesn’t. Manchester was a dress rehearsal for a long tour. For a kid who’s never done this before (played an 8 song arena concert) he got a lot of things right. He’s playing to the cheap seats and big bold moves that look silly from up close make the visual statement from afar. And sometimes he’s just possessed, and he certainly seemed to be at the end of TITTS, maybe there’s nothing that can be done 🙂

    The wow moment for me in TITTS was about 2:30 into the song when he’s at the top of the stage and doing that long OOOOOOH. Unfortunately the video is showing the organ when he starts the OOOOOOOH, cause I saw Taylor using the mike to bend the tone and I was just slayed.

    The harmonica did sound screechy at the Verizon, I think it was the acoustics, which were not great. Too much echo and too shrill.

    If we are good, will we get the rest of the songs by the end of the day? The next one we should watch is WHATS GOING ON.

    Thanks for posting the links, maybe I should go back to bed.

  113. Lakeside says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one bothered by the cut off words when he plays guitar. A poster at mj’s suggested he should use a headset microphone and I suppose that’s not a bad idea if he can’t stop himself jerking his head away before he’s finished singing a phrase. On a song like that which is about the music rather than the performance I have to confess it loses quite a bit for me if I don’t get full value from his vocals. Still enjoyed it though and liked the arrangement etc.

    As for Taking It To The Streets, I LOVED it. This was his encore so I think that’s probably why he threw everything including the kitchen sink at it, and although it was “bitty” it really worked for me. He just looked like he was having an absolute ball up there and that puts the biggest silliest grin on my face every time (and if I may have a teensy fangirly moment, those quick smiles he flashes occasionally whilst singing are just adorable *swoon*)

    Such a treat to be able to see these when you’re stuck on the wrong side of the Atlantic, so thanks to mj and ash. I will be smiling all day now. 🙂

  114. mariah says:

    These are fantastic! Thanks so much. Less than 12 hours and I get to see him LIVE myself. Be still my heart!

  115. mari3jacks says:

    aerinphil I agree with you. Armchair quaterbacking here, I just go back to what Paula said “It’s nice just to see you standing behind the microphone for a change” Can we get one song like this from Taylor on the tour? Kinda reminds me of that interview he did a couple of weeks ago, almost like watching a tennis match.

  116. OSB says:

    Glad I caught these, now the drive to work won’t seem so bad. Thank you mj & ash! I’m sure they’ll be the 1st thing I look at when I return home – TGIF & TGFT (Thank God For Taylor)!

  117. Playin'Possum says:

    Thank you for posting the links to these videos Ash! My day is officially off to a fabulous start. Takin It to the Streets has given me perma-smile for the rest of the day! Don’t Let Me Down is fantastic! I’m a happy, happy girl thanks to the videos and Phantom’s PBP each evening! Who needs TV? 😉

    Can’t wait to see it all live…If I can live through the excitement and anticipation!

  118. Basenji says:

    I guess I meant Ace always looks cheesy to me, and I did have a little Bruce Willis “Pulp Fiction” reenactment in my head while I was watching him. But I should be nice about those other fellows. Really, I should be.

  119. aerinphil says:

    hmmm what’s up with my post lol

    anyway that line really cracked me up Basenji ^. i didn’t realize Ace can pull-off a serious-minus-the-cheese look 🙂

    couldn’t taylor stand still for 3 minutes sheesh 🙂 he still sounded great though and when i saw his chest i forgave him instantly 🙂

  120. aerinphil says:

    Basenji – >>If Ace pulls his serious face and puts his hand over his heart again I’ll have to fly home and stab him.

  121. Basenji says:

    Agree, excellent arrangement. Like the little jam with the band…

  122. Ms Ei says:

    “So many things to love about DLMD.”

    I love the way it was arranged and how he and the band played it. 🙂

  123. Cali50 says:

    He’s singing it, he justs backs up from the microphone when he’s playing an instrument. So many things to love about DLMD. He has defintiely Taylorized it, His smile, his other faces, his pure joy and happiness at performing. How happy is he when he goes to the platform and becomes part of the band! Basenji, on the other jams we’ve seen with the harmonica, he not using an amplifier, maybe that’s it.

  124. Ms Ei says:

    Basenji, I am a bit bothered by the “down” too in Don’t Let Me Down. He has that tendency during live shows to not sing the last word in many verses, at least in those videos that I saw.

  125. Cali50 says:

    OMG! I am so happy!

  126. Ms Ei says:

    Oh lordy, when will a Taylor concert reach our shores? Will that kidding around with Sway back in Top 24 ever be real? 🙂

    The boys’ Patience is also good.

  127. Basenji says:

    Five viewings in and over my initial spaz attack, which consisted of having my recurring fantasy of running my fingers through his hair, regretting I wasn’t going to the show, and playing the “big smiles” over and over. But now I’m seeing things, the dirty low down:

    Don’t Let Me Down: like the easy funkadelic intro, like how he directs the band, keeps it tight, voice sounds good, but oh God, he’s pulling off the ends of the lines. Robin4T was right. We need to hear the “down”. He’s lovely to look at, of course. I really like this version of the song, but sing it, man!

    TITTS: Um, well, I hope this went over well live. Starts off remarkably calm, but becomes a little unfocused by the end, too many props and futzing about with things. Can someone (hwc?) tell me what the harmonica feedback sounds like live, because I’ve only ever heard it in videos. In the past, I’ve sometimes thought, in CONTRAST with his yummy recorded harmonica playing, his LIVE performance harp playing was indulgent and even screechy. But then the “Fishwater” performance changed my mind. But here the screechy harp is back. I’m sure if I were there, though, I wouldn’t notice any of this, I’d just be screaming/screeching myself. I’d seriously like a discussion of the harmonica playing (here and in other performances) if someone (Ash?) who is an expert in harmonica style would indulge me. I can hear in my head what I’d like the harmonica to sound like on THIS song, and he never does it (on this particular song, remember Walmart?).

    Patience: Liked it, actually. The boys look nice; Bucky looks more handsome and less cheesy than I remember. If Ace pulls his serious face and puts his hand over his heart again I’ll have to fly home and stab him. They have fine Japanese swords to take care of problems like this.

    Don’t pillory me, just discussing.

  128. Ash. says:

    Is MJ the one who recorded them and posted them on GoFish?

    I found them through a GoFish search so I was not sure.

  129. katja says:

    Yeeeiiiiiih!!! 😀 Great news! 🙂

  130. K4Tay says:

    MJ said they would be available for download tomorrow 🙂

  131. katja says:

    Can someone capture these (well the ones with Taylor…)…Denali…?
    Don’t Let Me Down is GREAT!!!!

  132. hwc says:


    Kudos to MJ for the videos. I knew that the live version of TI2TS was hot. I was really dying to hear the Beatles song again. It was as I remembered….Taylorized.

  133. aerinphil says:

    yeah baby yeah!!!!!! we got hot ones tonight!!!thanks a zillion!!!

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